to move up


i asked my manager the other day for a survey regarding a transfer to two new local outposts for the store. it’s something i had considered somewhat strongly when i started what if i moved on to another opening store and even better since i knew they were coming. it would be an interesting challenge to see them develop.

all the same i thought in terms of possibly moving up. am i happy where i am job wise, yes. it would be great to move up where i am now, however, it could happen faster if i moved to another location. that would be fine with me and i’d laugh if it was possible to move back to the place i started.

it seems with me every two years since starting my old job at the movie theater, I’ve had opportunities to make manager or at least somewhere on the supervisory level. i could’ve been a “team lead” at the movie theater and never happened before learning later that they eliminated the position. it didn’t seem like a difficult job anyway as we were leaders just under supervisor, however, not the level and less duties. in fact many of the ones who did take on this position ultimately quit the theater near the end of the first year.

two years later i was put on for a management position at a movie theater which was locally owned closer to my house. there had been some drama – unknown to me when i applied and known in the news afterwards – which let me know that i may have dodged a bullet. this was the first of many rejections that i had dwelled on until i finally started at the bank two years later.

funny thing is two years after that i had the opportunity to do a management position at yet another movie theater – a national chain. this was shortly before getting a job offer from the bank. so while i didn’t get the position ultimately it’s a learning experience and it was great to have had the opportunity to do something else if there was ever something i want to do.

let’s see if these opportunities come around for me this year. remember at this point i have two jobs so it may be possible i can be up for promotions at both jobs. especially at a new store.

excuse me if i cross my fingers at least for this year.


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