more odds & ends


to start as i’ve noted i now work a second job at another movie theater. i’m nuts for doing it but has been interesting. while there have been times i was down on the last theater i worked there are points i still miss it.

i don’t miss the drama it’s in part the root as to why i had been miserable. if i stay away from that i can truly turn the page. at the same time even if i am older than most people who find a job at the show it was a cool and easy gig. just realized that at some point i got more grief as i stayed at minimum wage and it was a dead end for me.

so why now? well i feel like i have some unfinished business with that sector. not sure at this point how far it’ll get me. my full-time job is making me keen on seeing how far i can go with it. i’ve indicated an interest in growing and hopefully moving up. something that never happened for me at the old theater.

which reminds me, a friend of mine got his promotion – after i finally left for good – to a supervisor position that had been of great interest to me. unfortunately he got fired from that position after almost a year and i will not put his business out there but it was something avoidable. i will say that he didn’t get along well with his own supervisors and it helped get him out.

he applied to my new theater and didn’t get the job to my disappointment. still helping him any way i can although he hasn’t show much interest in joining my store and i’ve been working on him too. he’s still interviewing and has done some temp gigs, but so far no takers.

i wanted to write about this for a month but never did the deed. at the new movie theater one of my new supervisors left the job. i heard it was due to health issues  he did come to work one day thought for him to work but he was there for a few minutes before he left. one of his colleagues hugged him which let me know something serious was probably going on.

i found out later after he left the scene that he had some health issues it had been at least a month or so since he left. within that time he strolled by my department at the store to ask about an item. then after asking my supervisor where he can find it called him out and told him where it was. he was surprised and likely had no idea i knew him until i said his name. HAH! i sincerely hope he gets through his health issues.

another one of the managers at the new theater also left. i heard that he transferred to another theater in the same company but still nearby. another manager took his place. in all cases someone got hired, promoted, or transferred to take their place as a supervisor/manager.

so far this has been an interesting experience working two jobs. so far everyone has been cool and yes there has been drama, but i’ve not been part of it. and most of the team i work with aren’t particularly young which helps somewhat. there are still issues but one thing i promise not to allow is them to affect me in anyway.


Odds & Ends


becky quit out of the blue recently. when that happens and it has often something happened. who knows what really but it became clear she hadn’t been happy for a while. it went up and down until she decided to cut ties with the job.

we at work thought about what if she came back looking for work and sported a mustache and gave herself a new name. instead of becky she could be dickey and she may have to slightly change the lettering of her last name.

and speaking of that our department is looking for new people. we had so far hired two from what i can tell. in fact i saw them interview a couple of people, however, what they’re really looking for is temporary help. when they’re not needed they’ll just get cut until the leadership team see something they like. raw deal but if you’re unemployed and need money it’s better than nothing.

saw my taxes recently i made more money last year working that i had in previous years. if i hovered around $10 – $12k during the last 5 years i made close to $10k more last year. this means that i pay more in taxes then i get in the form of a refund. i got some type of tax credit because my income was low.

however, i get more money back just that uncle same took some money from me in taxes this year. i go up in income may get more taxes back and if my income goes up it may not mean i get more in a refund. when i get this refund i’ll do what i usually do save some & spend some. just can’t wait to get that iPad mini.

how about this for comedy. came up with a one-liner. if a new store opens up in a mostly low-income community bringing in gourmet items and you need a selling point here’s one. “*insert low-income neighborhood name* goes hard for gelato.” i had some guy rolling after that.

if only i could share that….



being bitter is not a good state and i only recently began to realize this. as stated once before dwelling is something i realize i tend to do. it’s very easy to sit around and just think about something you may or may not have had control over.

at times i know that many of those i consider friends or just coworkers realize i wasn’t always a joy to be around. that is one of my regrets as unfortunately it takes me to time to realize the effect i have on people.

all the same,  i recently paid a visit to the neighborhood of the cinema where i formerly worked. nothing really has changed other than the shopping center where my job had been located now has more shopping options. i decided to pay a visit to a target nearby but only to use the bathroom and browse for the first time in a while. actually i only realized i had to use it after getting on the train and then sensing my bladder fill up and then deciding it would be difficult to make it home with this need to use it.

so i got off the train and headed to the target to use the bathroom and then browse the electronics section. it was a form of nostalgia because it’s not often enough that i’m there anymore. but then i came to this realization…

this wasn’t my neighborhood or scene anymore. i don’t work there and it’s not likely i would even as much as attend a show there. although i do have people i know who still work there in a managerial capacity. one of those have over time attempted to have me come to a movie there and i always find an excuse to not go. all the same i began to realize how much i didn’t belong anymore.

the scene has changed in the year and six or so months that i left. probably worse problems after i left or none at all for all i know. i hear there are more problems but who knows what they are and i’m not there so it’s really no longer my axe to grind.

i can still tell the stories at least to those who know who either worked there and express my disdain for those who never knew that place. then again why? what is my purpose when i tell these stories for the umpteenth time?

i don’t know but when you come to the realization that it’s time to move on, that is the best thing to do. i’m finally there and hopefully move forward from there.

aggressive women

i think this article speaks to those women. arguing that women would be much happier if they made the approach instead of waiting for the man to make the approach.

what i know now is that i don’t always respond too well to women who make the approach. and strangely enough if i made my approach women may not always respond too well to that. it’s all a case-by-case thing i suppose.

what would happen today if an aggressive woman comes to me? let’s be honest whether i had to approach or they approached there’s still a way to blow it. not that i’d want to or she would but success would have to be in the cards anyway.

i gave an imprecise term

the glossary is now the appendix. it’s not necessarily the best appendix to share but you have it now. it explains some of the names and terms. and if you have any questions you’re free to let me know. perhaps some of the items or the page itself needs a change.



just for fun, i’ve decided to create a glossary. it’s only waiting to be published in the near future but just to help keep track of the terms i used or even the assumed names. i could include in it the liberal arts college i attended at one point and the all-girls college right next to it.

only thing that stumps me so far are the two theatres where i have worked. i really need a new name for the so called “sh*tplace” because i really want to go along the lines of positivity. it was an appropriate moniker for so long and it’s really time to move on. it’s very important to move on.

i could also discuss the assumed names for the many women i’ve met and even for some relatives that i’ve mentioned on this blog. now what i will say for that is how i arrived at these names are very random and have little meaning. the names used firt  that particular woman at that particular time.

it’s a fun exercise and hopefully will enable you to follow along with the various stories i have told on this blog. haven’t decided whether or not links should be included.

also if you have a new name for the place i formerly worked – the movie theater – then feel free to suggest one for me. a more positive one and part of me wants to use some semblance of it’s real name, but this is an anonymous blog and it’s not very important for me to be very specific.


2D11392686-facebooklogo2.blocks_desktop_smalllately i’ve been somewhat been engaged in a drawn out fb exchange with a young women who is a recent transplant to the chicago area. she seemed over eager to meet me unfortunately she lives way outside of the city limits.

all the same let’s give her a name – elise. elise like carina, janice, nicole, and jennifer went to the all girls school near my own college. she isn’t to be honest the type of girl i would even consider at least looks wise but unlike many of those girls she’s the only one who lives near me. definitely unlike nicole because she’s probably very happy to never see me again.

anyway elise at first seemed very eager. that was a turn off to be honest. just consider the behavior of candace, for right or wrong her eagerness to keep my attention caused me to “blow” it by not responding at all. so for a moment i held my fire.

we still talked for a while even about mostly nothing until all the sudden she asked for my digits. then i realize the man should be the hunter and i said woah. i’ve had friend suggest that i should just give her my number. i instead went the route of give me her then i text her my number.

this time she objected and suggested instead that i give her 10 compliments about her.. then i decided tall order for someone i’ve never met and suggested perhaps we should meet first.

then, she knocked it down to three things to which i further suggested give me one thing for me and i’ll offer three. we’ll see what goes from there.