it’s not often i do a post so soon after something happened, but here are a series of things i wanted to discuss.

to start the store is buzzing over a security guard who had been arrested over the recent weekend. i don’t want to say what happened so we’ll say that it’s been discovered he robbed a sperm bank. yeah i know a little ludicrous, however, the real story is even stranger. even better it made the news with his mugshot blasted on tv.

i’ve met the guy, he seems ok the question i have is if he’s had a criminal past or otherwise his job history was actually fabricated how did he get the job. well he had been with the store for a while and he got through so what can you do.

tonight had been a weird night. i work with food so it seems we often had stops and starts this evening. we reset our displays at our venue and it seemed we get a rush and then the rush is over. my supervisor wanted us to take care of other needs unfortunately it seemed we kept getting customers at the wrong times. needless to say for the first time in a while we were quite busy.

btw, to go back to security guard for a moment. i continued a running joke about another coworker who got fired due to his attendance issues. this time i referenced the security guard and his crimes and threw in our coworkers name. got a quick cheap laugh for that one.

finally i took a 15 this evening and removed part of my uniform when someone from the sister college near when i went to school announced her presence. she saw my shirt and said she went to that sister college. to be honest i handled that poorly and i was only like OK. she was a tall cutie though.

later this woman and her friend came back to my area looking for a particular item and all i did was point them in a general direction. i realized later how i could’ve walked them to that section. needless to say i could’ve shown them more but chose not to.

whatever, i’ve been recognized by a certain crowd…

in the meanwhile, i’ll get a chance to see a musical group from my school perform next week. looking forward to supporting my school although i got tickets for it through a connection. although it would be cooler to go with a date as i believe this is something interesting and of note.


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