I worked at a theater for several years and again picked up a part-time job in that business in addition to another full-time job so why not outline a movie about a mid-30s male virgin. Not sure how compelling a story could be told hopefully it could be both drama or comedy. Hell lets throw in the theme for “Curb Your Enthusiasm” as incidental music.

This film can be inspired by “Don Jon”. It’s a movie about a man who loves women has encounters but can’t let go of porn. This is a young guy who has to start dating a cougar to realize he’s addicted to porn and he’s not satisfied with the women in his life.

The drama and stupidity – whether of my own making or from anyone else – at the movie theater I used to be employed with could factor. There are several incidents that either involved me or otherwise that could be a plot line in the film. Hell I can always throw that poor girl Candace into the fold.

The bank I can always tell as a flashback but lets say we end the story of the theater with me leaving for the last time. Then we may pick up with me at my new job and then flashback to my firing from the bank. The flashback would probably just involve handshakes, a closed door to an office, and then an indoor shot of me outside walking out of the branch.

Perhaps we pick up my time at the current job – perhaps my orientation period – before we flash back. In my new role I’m unsure of myself until I gradually learn the new job. Better yet me getting ready for this interview exactly the day after firing. And there will be flashbacks to the day before.

Of course the ending of this film is up to me. It could end with me and the girl finally having sex or in a relationship and on my way to living the life that I want. And that life should involve a girl.

Think of this as a three act play, similar to “Steve Jobs”. The beginning is the low point – as the writer and the person who lived it this is exactly what it was. The middle is the beginning of the recovery. Then the final act is merely taking shape things start moving in the right direction towards the end.

I really would like to live that movie and find a way to share it in the near future. When you think about it, this seems like an art-house film that could either be a cult-classic or a forgotten work that could only be discovered by film buffs years later.


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