2D11392686-facebooklogo2.blocks_desktop_smalllately i’ve been somewhat been engaged in a drawn out fb exchange with a young women who is a recent transplant to the chicago area. she seemed over eager to meet me unfortunately she lives way outside of the city limits.

all the same let’s give her a name – elise. elise like carina, janice, nicole, and jennifer went to the all girls school near my own college. she isn’t to be honest the type of girl i would even consider at least looks wise but unlike many of those girls she’s the only one who lives near me. definitely unlike nicole because she’s probably very happy to never see me again.

anyway elise at first seemed very eager. that was a turn off to be honest. just consider the behavior of candace, for right or wrong her eagerness to keep my attention caused me to “blow” it by not responding at all. so for a moment i held my fire.

we still talked for a while even about mostly nothing until all the sudden she asked for my digits. then i realize the man should be the hunter and i said woah. i’ve had friend suggest that i should just give her my number. i instead went the route of give me her then i text her my number.

this time she objected and suggested instead that i give her 10 compliments about her.. then i decided tall order for someone i’ve never met and suggested perhaps we should meet first.

then, she knocked it down to three things to which i further suggested give me one thing for me and i’ll offer three. we’ll see what goes from there.

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