Odds & Ends


becky quit out of the blue recently. when that happens and it has often something happened. who knows what really but it became clear she hadn’t been happy for a while. it went up and down until she decided to cut ties with the job.

we at work thought about what if she came back looking for work and sported a mustache and gave herself a new name. instead of becky she could be dickey and she may have to slightly change the lettering of her last name.

and speaking of that our department is looking for new people. we had so far hired two from what i can tell. in fact i saw them interview a couple of people, however, what they’re really looking for is temporary help. when they’re not needed they’ll just get cut until the leadership team see something they like. raw deal but if you’re unemployed and need money it’s better than nothing.

saw my taxes recently i made more money last year working that i had in previous years. if i hovered around $10 – $12k during the last 5 years i made close to $10k more last year. this means that i pay more in taxes then i get in the form of a refund. i got some type of tax credit because my income was low.

however, i get more money back just that uncle same took some money from me in taxes this year. i go up in income may get more taxes back and if my income goes up it may not mean i get more in a refund. when i get this refund i’ll do what i usually do save some & spend some. just can’t wait to get that iPad mini.

how about this for comedy. came up with a one-liner. if a new store opens up in a mostly low-income community bringing in gourmet items and you need a selling point here’s one. “*insert low-income neighborhood name* goes hard for gelato.” i had some guy rolling after that.

if only i could share that….


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