more odds & ends


to start as i’ve noted i now work a second job at another movie theater. i’m nuts for doing it but has been interesting. while there have been times i was down on the last theater i worked there are points i still miss it.

i don’t miss the drama it’s in part the root as to why i had been miserable. if i stay away from that i can truly turn the page. at the same time even if i am older than most people who find a job at the show it was a cool and easy gig. just realized that at some point i got more grief as i stayed at minimum wage and it was a dead end for me.

so why now? well i feel like i have some unfinished business with that sector. not sure at this point how far it’ll get me. my full-time job is making me keen on seeing how far i can go with it. i’ve indicated an interest in growing and hopefully moving up. something that never happened for me at the old theater.

which reminds me, a friend of mine got his promotion – after i finally left for good – to a supervisor position that had been of great interest to me. unfortunately he got fired from that position after almost a year and i will not put his business out there but it was something avoidable. i will say that he didn’t get along well with his own supervisors and it helped get him out.

he applied to my new theater and didn’t get the job to my disappointment. still helping him any way i can although he hasn’t show much interest in joining my store and i’ve been working on him too. he’s still interviewing and has done some temp gigs, but so far no takers.

i wanted to write about this for a month but never did the deed. at the new movie theater one of my new supervisors left the job. i heard it was due to health issues  he did come to work one day thought for him to work but he was there for a few minutes before he left. one of his colleagues hugged him which let me know something serious was probably going on.

i found out later after he left the scene that he had some health issues it had been at least a month or so since he left. within that time he strolled by my department at the store to ask about an item. then after asking my supervisor where he can find it called him out and told him where it was. he was surprised and likely had no idea i knew him until i said his name. HAH! i sincerely hope he gets through his health issues.

another one of the managers at the new theater also left. i heard that he transferred to another theater in the same company but still nearby. another manager took his place. in all cases someone got hired, promoted, or transferred to take their place as a supervisor/manager.

so far this has been an interesting experience working two jobs. so far everyone has been cool and yes there has been drama, but i’ve not been part of it. and most of the team i work with aren’t particularly young which helps somewhat. there are still issues but one thing i promise not to allow is them to affect me in anyway.


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