back in the business


i wrote a while ago about returning to the theater business only for the unfinished business. well not sure about that anymore although to be honest having a second job that just for the whatever is a bit fun. besides at the theater i formerly worked for 5 years i was often there and it led to some odd situations that i’ve somewhat discussed even if not at length.

my 2nd job is part time and so far i only average a day a week with rather restrictive availability. it’s been cool to have a job that i haven’t really been tied down with on a financial level. thankfully i don’t know of any complaints thanks to my part-time status or even whether or not management has anything to say about it.

when i started job hunting years ago to find another much better option one tactic i had was to find another part-time job to supplement another part-time job. it could’ve been retail, bank, or anything like that. of course i had some various frustration even getting close to such a position until i just decided to get out altogether.

as far as the theater business i’ve had at least two interviews for a management position and one of those was a huge shock and lifted my spirits even if never got the job. good interview even if in 20/20 hindsight i realized as excited as i had been after the interview this may not have been the best move at that time. my frustration with my then job was still on my mind it was time to get out.

of course the theater management position interview for the company for whom i now work today was slightly before i got the job offer at the bank. i took as it turned out the ill-fated job that became the only employer to ever officially can me. so while at the bank i still fantasized about getting that job.

all the same i moved on to greener pastures after the bank to retail where i got far more at this point than i ever would’ve imagined. and i got myself in the mode of moving forward and up there as well.

in the meanwhile i consider the fact that at this point there are two options. which will move me further ahead professional and financially. in addition where will i be most happiest.

if i was conce



sometimes i like to rewrite posts. basically it’s just to reword and adjust some grammar. it may not always be precise but the goal is definitely to cut down on some of the errors that may be in the writing.

sometimes in spite of my writing skill i fail to do one main thing which is proofread. i’m never under any illusions that i’m the greatest writer up there with any literary giants. however my process is somewhat like there this (see what i did there).

some posts you read here had been written in advance. perhaps i’ve been working on them for days or weeks and that gives me time to make them as perfect as i possible can. of course perfect being the goal that often may not even come close to that level.

another part of the process is sometimes i just go ahead and write a post. just bang it out in a matter usually of minutes although sometimes it might take a day before it’s ready to publish.

so there you have it perhaps one of two ways to create content for this blog about a mid 30s virgin. perhaps i should at least shoot for taking a day to write a post and ultimately post same day. or take more than a day to write a really good post that’s worth writing. what this means is i never just post something that’s less than what’s worth putting out and thus worth reading by you.

that somewhat explains the post about missy that has suddenly popped back up. believe me that is not the only post that needs some corrections. of course this is one of those posts written up in a matter of minutes and ultimately posted after completion.

A one-off foe…


On tinder one day I ran into a familiar face – someone I used to work with at the movie theater – for whom I have no good feelings. My first instinct was to swipe left. I had no interest in expressing any willingness to have any contact.

I showed a pic of her to a friend of mine who quickly responded that she looked like a b*tch. My response was that I found out about that the hard way. I found out about her disposition at work.

She was about to be the subject of a post last year. One I chose to trash because it just made me angry all over again. And it was less important for me to really give her more attention in my life than she actually deserved. I’ve encountered her on occasion while still at the theater and thankfully she didn’t say anything to me as she used to.

To be honest I did want to write about some workplace drama involving her. Really had little to do with me to be honest although to be sure this is not something a soap opera writer could come up with. Part of this drama involves someone who I found out through sleuthing and observation that she’s a good friend of Candace.

Well thankfully I need not even think or consider this anymore. it’s too far in the past and that moment years ago was only temporary. no one really got what they wanted out of any of it.

In the meanwhile I see the old grouch – who seems to have an ability to connect with people and had been lauded as a people person – is herself on the prowl. Question is whether or not she’s seriously looking or looking for a man to prank on. It’s not for me to answer & I need not find out.

BTW, in those initial posts I gave her a name which is Missy. Missy is a renegade time lord on Doctor Who who is generally considered evil and had become a woman. Not some sex change but definitely a science fiction style gender change. This will explain the picture up top.



lately i think some coworkers have figured out i’m not dating anyone. there have been a few who have decided that they needed to hook me up. that or find me a stripper.

well, i remember a friend of mine at the cinema i used to work frequently put it upon myself to help me find someone. he’d have me to talk to one girl to see me “crash & burn”. one time he’s getting more info about a customer who came to the show expressing more interest than i did in her.

he later said he saved me because he found out this woman was a quaker and those families tend to get really involved in a woman’s dating life according to him. still at first he really was keen on getting her number and setting me up with her. i’m basically not wanting to be bothered.

he was the one who suggested out of the blue plenty of fish the dating sight. was checking up on me to see whether or not i set up and finished my profile. he was keen on getting me on that site and at that point i expressed little interest.

it was clear for whatever reason something was up with him and being so interested in my personal life. he even attempted to have been date a young woman who worked with us at the theater. we visited her at her new job where she started doing very well. the thing is he really wanted me to buy tickets to some event featuring a comedian in downtown chicago.

now remember, at this point in time i was still working at the show making the minimum wage i had been since i started working. the income i had caused me to not really want to go my friend had forgotten all about it with the expectation that i’d get the deal done. she called him to see what happened and she wasn’t happy. he called me to b*tch me out about it. even now he sometimes brings that up.

i somehow gave him that vibe at some point when we first met and being somewhat outspoken didn’t mind finding a way to mention it in spite of me being very uncomfortable talking about it. especially in a work setting and especially when we first met. that made it easy for him to bring it up at random moments.

btw, i have to say though some people have brought it up only as a reason to talk about me with nothing to offer. he does even if i don’t want to go there with me. while i consider him something of a friend i think his comments and his setting me up was a no-no that i just responded to by no action.

as far as anyone else past or present, this is something that’s really a private issue and i can either choose to discuss or not. although strangely enough it makes good fodder for a blog.

honesty box red lips


In this young lady’s case i just wrote about her full red lips. she was the kind of girl i wanted to “lose my virginity” to. she seemed to have this athletic build judging by her pics. she wasn’t petite at all either. the question was could i handle her. you can consider this convo a wtf. although could i have saved myself some trouble if i just simply came out to her instead of going back and forth with her anonymously?

you said,
you\’ve got some red lips šŸ˜¦

they said,
You mad?

you said,
Hb isn’t that serious

you said,
why would i be mad about red lips? besides what if i want to kiss them.

they said,
You put a sad face as if you didn’t like it.

they said,
Sorry, I don’t kiss people I don’t know.

you said,
meh it wasn’t that i didn’t like it. i did a lot, but like you said you have no idea who i am and you don’t know me. šŸ˜‰

they said,
So you enjoy going back and forth without me knowing who you are?

you said,
still want to know?

and as with the others i seem to only connect with her around the time of her birthday. if i find an excuse to randomly say anything else often i get ignored. perhaps she’s too busy or wasn’t even that interested. That or I’m a random that’s not worth the time.

i decided to share this because i got the number of a girl who has nice lips.


Found out from one of my assistant managers that our mutual boss is actually leaving us in the near future. He is moving up to be an assistant store manager at another location which leaves me bittersweet.

This is a good move for him no doubt and this is great news. What this means is changes and while they may not be much assuming that whoever is in place already will assume the role it’s still change. What I realize in this existence is that change is unavoidable and yet it’s still something that people may dread.

It leaves me bittersweet because this man was the one who plucked me out of unemployment so fast my head spun. The bar is low as far as bosses but he was the one made me full-time & gave me two raises. So there’s that which leaves me quite happy.

He’ll essentially follow our former store manager who moved on to that same location in the same capacity and essentially be one of his lieutenants if you will. To this he’s been in training since around the new year when sales were down for our department.

BTW, I think some appreciations are in order even if he likely doesn’t realize the situation I had found myself in before meeting him. Most importantly the great things that have occurred to me so far in my life that he is in part responsible for.



so after taking my time coming up with some compliments i got elise’s phone number. the next question is what now?

setting up a date would be great though i recognize perhaps it’s too soon for that. but to be honest i’m more keen on that than having an extended phone conversation.

do you want to know what got it forward other than coming up with three compliments….talking about those lips. i was straining to come up with the final compliment and then i looked through her fb profile and noticed her lips.

part of me wants to say to her… “i want a kiss” the first time we meet. she can either say yes or “get away from me”. this may disappoint me, but at least i got this far. even better the prospect of actually getting together to her although she’s in the suburbs which is one downside.

bottom line, it’s difficult for me to get out to her. and to consider it’s difficult for me to even want to think i can get this close to a woman and think there’s a chance for me. one way to calm this down is to realize i’m just meeting her because it’s not that serious. take it easy not take this very serious and remember that this is one step to realizing one life goal.

that goal being everything from realizing a relationship with a woman that will lead to sex. to be able to do so before my 40th birthday which sadly is not that far away at this point.

and yes i recognize that i have to meet her first. talk to her and set up a date. perhaps even build enough attraction so that not only would i want to kiss, but that she’d want to give me a kis.