what now?

been a while since i’ve talked about women or my interactions with them primarily online. i could talk about the women at work – excluding becky since she quit –  however there aren’t many stories to tell about them. the others i work with include mary but i don’t really talk to her for some reason. then again it’s a good thing that i may not look at the many women at the job in that way and prefer to stay away from having a relationship with any of them for the moment.

things have slowed down with elise she noted that i move in my own time well so does she. i came up with one thing she likes to check on people and it shows that she cares, but so far that’s the only thing i can come up with. sooo….i got some thinking to do.

recently i went to a fundraiser for my college well more like a concert for their glee-club but is used as a fundraiser to help area youth attend college. i’ve never joined my schools alumni association. i never wanted to spend money on it, but it may expand my network of friends and potential colleagues.

with that being said i could look at it as potential dates too. when i went to homecoming last year i ran into an old friend who suggested that without having to spend money on joining an organization you are an alum regardless. he’s right and if i’m not satisfied with what i’m getting i can always say i’m not paying my dues tof that month or year.

it’s something that i’m considering and since my school has a relationship with the nearby all-girl’s school there can be joint events and support. so now is the time to consider other ways of connecting other than online. and perhaps i can get into better touch with old friends in chicago whom i’ve lost contact.


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