recently i bought some vitamin b6 in addition to some apple juice which also contains vitamin b6. b6 is something that induces lucid dreaming. and the effects are somewhat mixed.

to start i had a recent dream last night and i was losing my teeth. of course i didn’t seem to realize i was in a dream. my two front teeth fell out and were basically similar to some small dominoes recently. then one of the canines fell out of my mouth. so i was toothless and concerned quickly….

then i woke up and realized well i have a bridge where all those teeth are at now. barring some weird catastrophe in that part of my mouth nothing is likely to fall out. my dream allowed me to remember life before getting this work done on my mouth almost two years ago. that is having two loose front teeth at the top of my mouth.

it’s one thing that i once had that i don’t miss at all.


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