is there such a thing as a rite of passage? i talk about work a lot on this blog and unfortunately not enough of having relationships with women. there have been a precious few over the years that i would consider friend in real life not the online version.

either way a coworker and i just talked about women – well she was a female coworker. either way we talk about what a certain segment of women do to enhance themselves although some of it aren’t that appealing. hair weave, colored eye contacts, or make-up. it was a good conversation there are some women who feel as if they need those things to be beautiful when in reality they don’t.

perhaps to finish my right of passage – either a relationship with a woman or just sex – i have to find out what’s most appealing about me. and not have to add anything fake to broaden my appeal. to be sure fake can include what you wear or your personality just as easily. people out there can spot a fake and quick.

anyway i consider the idea of a right of passage. so let’s talk about, i had to go through some changes to find another job finally. not only that find myself at a fortune 500 company – well better yet two fortune 500 companies. eh screw it, it’s actually three fortune 500 companies. it doesn’t matter i had to find the job that offers most of what i think i’m looking for in a job.

well i want to avoid that italicized her because i realized that it’s as much about me as it it about this idealized woman i’m looking for. i realize i have to go through rejections or indifference before i find out who won’t and isn’t indifferent. not only that i have to show that i’m what she’s looking for.

i suppose when you’re serious about a job or a woman you have to show how you can persist. perhaps the right woman wants you to chase her and as for the job well to find a better one you persist until someone says yes. in fact that’s what happened within the last two years with job hunting.

now it think it’s important to determine the life that i want outside of work. and while i’ve talked about the women i’ve connected with on social media – especially the ones who went to a sister college near mine – perhaps as i’ve found a better job i can find the right lady in my life.


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