so after taking my time coming up with some compliments i got elise’s phone number. the next question is what now?

setting up a date would be great though i recognize perhaps it’s too soon for that. but to be honest i’m more keen on that than having an extended phone conversation.

do you want to know what got it forward other than coming up with three compliments….talking about those lips. i was straining to come up with the final compliment and then i looked through her fb profile and noticed her lips.

part of me wants to say to her… “i want a kiss” the first time we meet. she can either say yes or “get away from me”. this may disappoint me, but at least i got this far. even better the prospect of actually getting together to her although she’s in the suburbs which is one downside.

bottom line, it’s difficult for me to get out to her. and to consider it’s difficult for me to even want to think i can get this close to a woman and think there’s a chance for me. one way to calm this down is to realize i’m just meeting her because it’s not that serious. take it easy not take this very serious and remember that this is one step to realizing one life goal.

that goal being everything from realizing a relationship with a woman that will lead to sex. to be able to do so before my 40th birthday which sadly is not that far away at this point.

and yes i recognize that i have to meet her first. talk to her and set up a date. perhaps even build enough attraction so that not only would i want to kiss, but that she’d want to give me a kis.


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