Found out from one of my assistant managers that our mutual boss is actually leaving us in the near future. He is moving up to be an assistant store manager at another location which leaves me bittersweet.

This is a good move for him no doubt and this is great news. What this means is changes and while they may not be much assuming that whoever is in place already will assume the role it’s still change. What I realize in this existence is that change is unavoidable and yet it’s still something that people may dread.

It leaves me bittersweet because this man was the one who plucked me out of unemployment so fast my head spun. The bar is low as far as bosses but he was the one made me full-time & gave me two raises. So there’s that which leaves me quite happy.

He’ll essentially follow our former store manager who moved on to that same location in the same capacity and essentially be one of his lieutenants if you will. To this he’s been in training since around the new year when sales were down for our department.

BTW, I think some appreciations are in order even if he likely doesn’t realize the situation I had found myself in before meeting him. Most importantly the great things that have occurred to me so far in my life that he is in part responsible for.

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