lately i think some coworkers have figured out i’m not dating anyone. there have been a few who have decided that they needed to hook me up. that or find me a stripper.

well, i remember a friend of mine at the cinema i used to work frequently put it upon myself to help me find someone. he’d have me to talk to one girl to see me “crash & burn”. one time he’s getting more info about a customer who came to the show expressing more interest than i did in her.

he later said he saved me because he found out this woman was a quaker and those families tend to get really involved in a woman’s dating life according to him. still at first he really was keen on getting her number and setting me up with her. i’m basically not wanting to be bothered.

he was the one who suggested out of the blue plenty of fish the dating sight. was checking up on me to see whether or not i set up and finished my profile. he was keen on getting me on that site and at that point i expressed little interest.

it was clear for whatever reason something was up with him and being so interested in my personal life. he even attempted to have been date a young woman who worked with us at the theater. we visited her at her new job where she started doing very well. the thing is he really wanted me to buy tickets to some event featuring a comedian in downtown chicago.

now remember, at this point in time i was still working at the show making the minimum wage i had been since i started working. the income i had caused me to not really want to go my friend had forgotten all about it with the expectation that i’d get the deal done. she called him to see what happened and she wasn’t happy. he called me to b*tch me out about it. even now he sometimes brings that up.

i somehow gave him that vibe at some point when we first met and being somewhat outspoken didn’t mind finding a way to mention it in spite of me being very uncomfortable talking about it. especially in a work setting and especially when we first met. that made it easy for him to bring it up at random moments.

btw, i have to say though some people have brought it up only as a reason to talk about me with nothing to offer. he does even if i don’t want to go there with me. while i consider him something of a friend i think his comments and his setting me up was a no-no that i just responded to by no action.

as far as anyone else past or present, this is something that’s really a private issue and i can either choose to discuss or not. although strangely enough it makes good fodder for a blog.


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