sometimes i like to rewrite posts. basically it’s just to reword and adjust some grammar. it may not always be precise but the goal is definitely to cut down on some of the errors that may be in the writing.

sometimes in spite of my writing skill i fail to do one main thing which is proofread. i’m never under any illusions that i’m the greatest writer up there with any literary giants. however my process is somewhat like there this (see what i did there).

some posts you read here had been written in advance. perhaps i’ve been working on them for days or weeks and that gives me time to make them as perfect as i possible can. of course perfect being the goal that often may not even come close to that level.

another part of the process is sometimes i just go ahead and write a post. just bang it out in a matter usually of minutes although sometimes it might take a day before it’s ready to publish.

so there you have it perhaps one of two ways to create content for this blog about a mid 30s virgin. perhaps i should at least shoot for taking a day to write a post and ultimately post same day. or take more than a day to write a really good post that’s worth writing. what this means is i never just post something that’s less than what’s worth putting out and thus worth reading by you.

that somewhat explains the post about missy that has suddenly popped back up. believe me that is not the only post that needs some corrections. of course this is one of those posts written up in a matter of minutes and ultimately posted after completion.


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