back in the business


i wrote a while ago about returning to the theater business only for the unfinished business. well not sure about that anymore although to be honest having a second job that just for the whatever is a bit fun. besides at the theater i formerly worked for 5 years i was often there and it led to some odd situations that i’ve somewhat discussed even if not at length.

my 2nd job is part time and so far i only average a day a week with rather restrictive availability. it’s been cool to have a job that i haven’t really been tied down with on a financial level. thankfully i don’t know of any complaints thanks to my part-time status or even whether or not management has anything to say about it.

when i started job hunting years ago to find another much better option one tactic i had was to find another part-time job to supplement another part-time job. it could’ve been retail, bank, or anything like that. of course i had some various frustration even getting close to such a position until i just decided to get out altogether.

as far as the theater business i’ve had at least two interviews for a management position and one of those was a huge shock and lifted my spirits even if never got the job. good interview even if in 20/20 hindsight i realized as excited as i had been after the interview this may not have been the best move at that time. my frustration with my then job was still on my mind it was time to get out.

of course the theater management position interview for the company for whom i now work today was slightly before i got the job offer at the bank. i took as it turned out the ill-fated job that became the only employer to ever officially can me. so while at the bank i still fantasized about getting that job.

all the same i moved on to greener pastures after the bank to retail where i got far more at this point than i ever would’ve imagined. and i got myself in the mode of moving forward and up there as well.

in the meanwhile i consider the fact that at this point there are two options. which will move me further ahead professional and financially. in addition where will i be most happiest.

if i was conce


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