quite a while ago i toyed with the idea of doing a feature length film about a mid-30s virgin. we start at the movie theater where the virgin – really yours truly – was actually a 30ish virgin. we go through some odd drama involving many of the young women i worked with. why them because over time they gave me the most problems and there was little difference over the issues they’d start drama over.

so then i go from the movie theater after showing my two-week notice to my current job in retail. though there is a flashback to my ill-fated attempt to get into the finance sector. the flashback occurs during presumably my interview with my current manager.

and as stated the ending ought to be that mid-30s virgin losing his virginity. of course that has to be written or more accurately experienced.

all the same my focus would be the job after the firing at the bank. it could be a segment that could last 10-20 minutes. for the flashback perhaps there is some dialogue but hopefully actions convey that someone is going to lose their job. the interview however is untainted by those events that occurred in reality the day before.

perhaps we start off with me entering an office building for this interview i see the offices where interview will take place is closed. i’m standing around like what the heck until the person i have an interview with comes out to use the jon and i had little idea until he says he’ll check it out.

of course the problem how do i fit in the flashbacks before the interview or during it. and what artistic reason should i convey these flashbacks. that i’ve yet to figure out and yet i can see clearly in my head both parts of this story.

you know this could make a very interesting video if i find a good group of people together especially a good writer who can do a screenplay. lol

btw, the music for this story should be from the “inception” soundtrack. i’m truly a fan of that movie and very much of the soundtrack. this is not an action packed science fiction movie about invading someone’s dreams, but for what i hope to do the music would be perfect for what i as a writer hope to convey.

this gives me the idea to do a mid 30’s virgin musical playlist. it proves to be somewhat interesting with odd selections. perhaps answers the question of what types of music i’m into.


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