When things happen

My mother was admitted to the hospital recently. She had been complaining of a persistent pain in her leg and it turned out to be a fracture in her hip area. They had to do surgery to repair the fracture. 

It’s been an interesting few days without her at home. I turn the tv on in her room just for noise and keep certain lights on around the house. Mostly just night lights otherwise been quiet.

Also she’s doing OK following her surgery. It went without a hitch needless to say she will be in hospital on Mother’s Day. Been coming up with some marker flowers, cake, or a rotisserie chicken. Have yet to decided what.

My brother and an aunt from out of town came to see her after hearing of her current condition.  They’ve been calling me too but not a whole lot said so far. In fact my aunt was quick to update me on her condition because I’ve yet to call hospital. Right now I have something of an aversion to hospitals. Yikes. 

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