Off to new adventures…


So I spoke to my former department manager he’s leaving for a new role at another store – actually in an assistant store manager role. He said I was one of his best hires and made sure to tell me that he tells his colleagues that you should never dismiss someone over a technicality. He was referencing my initial interview with him almost 15 months ago.

It was a cool convo as i shook hands with him one last time before he heads off to new adventures. It only affirmed my decision  years ago to leave the movie theater. I remembered the frustration of finding a new job and no takers in addition to my work life at that time.

He leaves suggesting that I drop him a line and he’d recommend me especially for a position in leadership. He says with all the issues that came up my name was never thrown about. Then it caused me to wonder what happened at the movie theater. I may have been around people back then who wanted to stir up drama and in some cases drama got them out of a job.

Regardless it causes me to wonder if things are finally going in a good direction. At this point something good is finally happening for me. And I got my former manager and another store manager – whom I never worked for however I have met him – to help back me up. Those two alone will help me go a long way. This is according to my now former boss.

Off to new adventures was an Instagram message I sent to my former coworkers at the theater that I worked for five years. It consisted only of a black & white photo of my work cap with a brief typed message. Now it’s my manager who’s farewell message was posted for all to see behind scenes.

Change is an unknown but change has come with one of his lieutenants taking on his role. Here’s hoping my former manager well and he now knows he’s the one who brought me to this great company. 🙂


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