do i write this blog? by a friend this blog has been criticized as a complaining blog. it could be because at times i complained about a job that i left.

i could just as easily complain about the many women i’ve ran into over the years who for whatever reason treated me like sh*t for reasons only they understand. and many of them have moved on to other targets and forgot all about me.

now i try to keep this blog towards the future and turn the page on many past episodes. i tend to remember things even if many people don’t. it’s clear i may not forget and find ways to bring it up although i be careful with those events that still might make me angry.

so the why i do this blog is just as important as this blog’s general identity or direction. for example could this be considered sex blog or not. either way this blog is about someone who’s getting none at all.

also i want you to consider this recent post by the unfortunate male virgin. the comments have been towards why does he blog as much as it has been why women don’t seem to like him. it has helped me start to evaluate why i tell my story.


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