to rehab…

my mother is finally out of the hospital unfortunately since she had surgery on her hip she had to go to a rehab facility. so she’ll be away from home a lot longer than i hoped she would be. that means more freedom for me although i know how much she wants to come home. she’s still not 100%.

that means when she gets home i have to get some obstacles out of the way. straighten up some things around the house particularly make sure she doesn’t find herself falling on her way to the bathroom in addition going up and down stairs.

another thing about the surgery is that she’s still in pain. it’s been a few days and she’s in pain from surgery especially with the pins inserted into her hip area. her treatment includes strengthening her thinning bones in addition to rehab and physical therapy.

so hopefully in seven to ten days she’ll be out of rehab and back where she needs o be even if she isn’t 100%. right now at her facility she’s forced to have a roommate she’s not happy with. unfortunately she needs to do the rehab right now.

i consider having my own independence. i just live at home, i don’t pay any of the bills around the house other than buy food for myself and her. this has caused me to wonder if it’s time to leave home. although unfortunately it took this for me to come to this conclusion.

stay tuned more good news for later.



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