my mother finally came back home after almost two weeks at a hospital and in physical therapy. he had surgery for a fracture in her hip area and then basically required more physical therapy after that.

it had been a most interesting couple of weeks at home by myself. spent most of that time working. this had been the longest she had been away from home. usually a one week vacation on very rare occasions.

i failed to get a faucet fixed when i got some things mixed up with our handy man. for example i was supposed to get the faucet but i never said i would. and i hadn’t been able to get in touch with him since. so now our faucet has a stream of hot water coming from it.

i finally fixed our doorknob it’s not perfect it’s still loose but better than it was before she went to hospital. the knob had the tendency to fall off all too easily to my irritation. hopefully this will last a long longer. or i’ll need a solution to keep that knob from being loose.

my mother is scheduled to go to the doctors again soon. they’re doing far more than checking on her surgery. she’s of that age where a lot of things are expected to go wrong for her physically. the fracture is just one thing and very unexpected.

other than that the new normal of the past few weeks has returned to the somewhat modified old normal.


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