i spoke to an old friend recently. he was the type to always talk about follow-up which during the heat of my job search away from the show two years ago i was not very good at that. it was much easier to send a quick e-mail after the interview but never a follow-up on the status of the interview.

to be honest i really hated it when we stopped near another movie theater to follow-up on an interview only to learn that i didn’t get the job. it added to my frustration even more for that period. even then the frustration was yet to come.

i further expanded on a management interview i had before i finally left the show. i wanted the job back then but considering some of my frustrations of the time i later reasoned that it was ok it didn’t happen. would it have been the right move for that time and especially for a job i would’ve liked to have? would i have crashed and burned?

i dwelled on it for a little bit when i went to the bank which proved to not be a good move. it was something different, but i consider that i could’ve been a manager in downtown chicago. that’s as opposed to being a teller at a neighborhood branch much closer to home. at the end of the day i still wasn’t happy even if this proved to be a much better job than the minimum wage i was making at the show.

now i work in grocery near downtown chicago. now i wonder would i be ok being a theater manager or a grocery manager? i even looked up salaries for both grocery store manager or a theater general manager. a significant gap between the two and these are relatively comparable positions.

when i met my friend recently he put that gap into perspective. i work at a store – more specifically a grocery store – and the purpose of this store is for people to feed themselves. people got to eat and therefore here comes the profits.

at the same time theaters are about hospitality. retail stores want repeat business and so do theaters. there are different goals in this. think about this a movie theater makes the most money on the weekends because everyone is free starting on friday at least.

all the same we went to a nearby theater and he pointed out the two or three people in line at box office buying tickets on a wednesday. is the show making money during the week? unlikely.

so perhaps it’s good that i’m in grocery now instead of being a manager at a theater. i probably could make more cash as a manager at a grocery store than an equivalent position at a theater.

question i have to ask now in 2016 is what path would prove to be more satisfying? will i be far more satisfied as a grocery store manager or a general manager at the show? which would in the long run make me more money.

BTW, i’ve finally settled on “the show” for the name of my former job at the theater. the scene of many frustrations some of which i only allowed myself. now to name the new theater job that i currently work with at a different company. also i suppose although i identified the segment of retail i currently work.


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