in the days or so before my mother found herself admitted to the hospital for her fracture she had the annoying ability to start having a conversation with me before going to work. she’s often simply start asking questions without knowing whether or not i was awake. and i could’ve accepted that if it was a simple i’m gone and it wasn’t.

it seemed to have amped up one-time i got my work schedules wrong. i have two jobs now at a store and a theater which made it easy for me to get it wrong one day. i told her i worked evenings at the store when in fact i worked a morning shift that the movie theater. i told her as much later making sure she knows that she got the wrong answer from me because she woke me up. i gave an unreliable answer that caused her to wonder why i was home from work so early.

now that she’s been away from a her job for a few weeks she doesn’t do that anymore.  now the situation is her recovery which unfortunately means i have to be the one ottak her to doctor’s appointments and physical therapy. she said it herself whenever she thinks the worst is over there are more treatments to her fracture they inserted pins. then more physical therapy.

i keep forgetting that she’s a senior citizen. she’s at the age where things are expected to come up although she’s not up their in the years, she’s truly getting there. and the recent experience has only solidified that realization.

as a result of this “crisis” of sorts my brother spent almost a weekend with up recently. an aunt who lives in the burbs paid us a visit to help out around the house. another aunt from the burbs visited home – while i was at work – to cook and i took advantage when i came home. i’m expecting more family come in at some point though so far my mother had made no announcements on that so i can brace myself.

all the same it has been an interesting few weeks without her at home with her at home. picking up a package at a once unknown neighborhood pharmacy. now she uses a bench so she can sit down in the shower. she’s limping around as a result of her recent surgery.

also as a result of what happened i’m wondering if it’s time to go for greater independence which during this time i feel awful about. however sooner or later i need to branch out and hope for the best for myself and realizing that my mother isn’t in the best of shape right now.

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