sugar daddy

today i started a line of jokes today as a result of a rather unprofessional and off-handed comment about a young coworker. see i was staring at a girl’s behind as she walked by and she wore a pair of tights. nice, shapely and my imagination got ahead of me.


she’s ok, but i realize i’d have a difficult time with her. she strikes me as someone with an attitude problem. sometimes i’m not a very good judge of character so feel free to take that assessment with a grain of salt.

either way after taking a virtual beating over that statement for a second one coworker – a man –  said that this young woman is looking for a sugar daddy. a female coworker went on to make her point which included sugar daddies can’t keep it – the cock – up and declared that she had a sugar daddy.

then i took it into rmy direction. for example  “you wan that coach purse  – a real one – well i’ll hook you up when i get that 25% coupon. in he meanwhile let’s have ourselves a little fun in the meantime”. of course the fun you’d have to use your imagination. it was quite clever i thought.


then i thought about it for a second. what if i was a sugar daddy. what if i used my humble financial resources to attract a woman. “a real one” is reference to my knowledge that people are willing to buy counterfeit designer products. if i may utilize my own ego, i never buy the imitation i buy the real thing. my coworker noted that i was wearing a designer t-shirt and he needed to “step up his game”. either way i’ll buy the real thing for a woman who may have no concept of the real thing and probably doesn’t care.

i decided on the ride home to look up a website designed to help sugar daddies meet their sugar babies. i realize how out of that league i was. the income floor was much higher than where i am at this point it would be a laughable exercise and a cruel joke. on who is another question. 😛

all the same, it feels sad if i have to use my income in any way to attract a mate. i’m worth so much more than dollar $igns. for now at least i don’t have impress women with my money.



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