odds & ends


i never talk about the second job a whole lot as of late. i hadn’t been in almost four weeks. my next scheduled shift is coming up soon and not long after changing my availability in an effort to ensure that i will be available when they schedule me. especially after going to my manager at the full-time retail gig letting him know that i wanted some more day shifts. he delivered to my delight so hopefully no more consistent nights for a while.

as for the movie theater, what happened at “the show” is happening at the new show – lots of turnover. i ran into two ex-coworkers near my current workplace. one of them left a silly message letting everyone know that he got fired due to attendance. another guy quit because he was a little stressed had little support because he wasn’t making money.

let me explain i work at a dine-in theater. this particular theater is set up like a restaurant. you have servers in the theater taking orders and then delivering them during the course of the show. well in his case he had to greet and then is unable to drop the checks when the show lets out. so needless to say he’s wasn’t happy so he bounced during the period where i wasn’t scheduled.

i have been thinking about transferring to another nearby show anyway. i hadn’t been because i kept having conflicts. and as much as i preferred to trade shifts i chose instead to just drop them so that i can be able to make my full-time job. perhaps i really didn’t want to work at the show even as a manager. if i transfer i hope for more flexible hours although that’s up to the leadership there.

i learned of some more drama from my former workplace at “the show”. one of the senior managers – who got promoted from floor staff to manager – put their hands on the daughter of another coworker who is her father. he helped her get a job there before we both left and it’s as much to help her get a start more than anything in the work world.

either way the manager took the liberty to push and pull her away from an area because apparently no one respects her authority enough to scatter. either way that man has the tendency to take these things far so we shall see what comes of this. i thought of this as very stupid on this manager’s part after i paused to process this information while talking to him on the phone.

btw, it has been a while since the last odds & ends hasn’t it.


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