background part 2 

i’ve never really discussed much about my work history although my education history for what it’s worth. probably not an important story of a mid 30s virgin, but it’s part of the story. perhaps it’s one reason why a lot of the women i would’ve liked to date aren’t going for me.

for the most part i never had consistent work in my 20s. i never enjoyed job hunting and didn’t involve myself with it a lot back then. it was really new to me back then more so than it had been when i was trying to leave “the show” over two years ago.

gradually during my 20s i was learning what it took to get the job and target those jobs that would be very likely to hire me. sometimes that strategy didn’t work for me, but as i never really started working until i was 23 it was a sure fire one. even did some networking with a high school friend and found myself briefly in a job i grew to really dislike – and yes more so than some of my time at “the show”.

i probably did what most kids did apply at those places which had nothing but applications to sift through and their pick of them. also i consider the fact that when i was a teenager and through my early 20s people were still filling out paper applications. at one point it was even difficult for me to ask for an application it was almost as much as trying to get a girl interested – granted it was all in my head.

regardless i had been getting some pressure from my mother until i started working for a college bookstore and ironically at my mother’s collegiate alma mater. it was temporary most the jobs in my 20s were temporary in nature. save for one but as stated before i hated that job and was able to quit after a month when i returned to school at the liberal arts college in georgia.

believe me during this period there were women i had my eye on. having attended a community college to the jobs or even women on the streets there had been plenty of action to be had. i just wasn’t of the psychology that these were women i needed to take my shot with.

either way i had no money to play with so that i could truly make some of the changes i needed to make for myself. perhaps i needed to find a good barber, buy some good clothes, wear a nice pair of shoes. it was not very conceivable with a job that only had a duration of no more than a month at least.

i could emphasize pay too the job i have today have me earning more money than i have ever made. yeah it’s not mega bucks but better for the first time since i started working. no more hovering around whatever the minimum wage is in any given year.


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