a while ago i wrote about opportunities before i left “the show”. one of the last two interviews i had before leaving was for a management position at another film exhibitor at a downtown movie house that i frequent. it came up and got me excited but i later realize that as my time of frustration was winding down it was still there at the time. it was ok that i never got a phone call from them as it turned out the bank gave me a call.

to be honest i have had opportunities at both of my current jobs to move up. i think i have a better guage of what i can expect at my retail job. because i’m rarely at my job at the “new show” ( 😛 ) i’m not sure how that might go. i know i may have a hard time getting proeven if i already have experience working at a cinema.

i’m relatively new to a grocery store environment but i like the company i’m at. has there been issues, of course, the thing is they’ve been handled very well. and thankfully i haven’t been treated badly by anyone higher than me. not to say i should get away with anything, however, it’s not like i’m being treated like a huge liar that can’t delieve what he sells no matter what.

not to disappoint, an opening for supervisor opened up recently bad news is that sometimes i let my worst instincts take over. it may take me time to committ of course while i do that the clock ticked for me to take advantage. by the time i applied it was too late. DAMN! 😦

now remember what i said about it being ok that i didn’t get the job that i thought i would want. the only thing ok about this is that i don’t have to stake everything on it as i would have at “the show”. if it happens great if it doesn’t then at least i still have a great job now.


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