a friend of mine whom i’ve hinted in various posts – for example he helped me unsuccessfully find a job away from “the show” or tried to get me into online dating – got me intrigued with another drama. it involves “the show” even though he just like i had long since quit.

in a move i considered counter-intuitive he helped his son and daughter get jobs there. i really wanted to ask what he was thinking in doing that knowing the history we both have up there. he’s a guy who don’t mind standing up to things especially picking the right battles such as the one where a manager put their hands on his daughter.

then he called me one day to ask about the minimum age for both of my jobs which my reply was got to be 18 for both. he was upset because the managers at “the show” seemed to balk at the idea that he only needs to do one position there which is basically just do the lobby.

now this is my thinking and it makes sense. he needs to stay away from the drama which the other kids around his age may bring to work with them. he’s basically a lone wolf if he stays on the floor although he may still have to interact with everyone. either way i think this is the logic behind this.

later he lets me know he got a job with his son at another local theater. in fact we both have a history with this theater located closer to our respective homes as we interviewed with an entrepreneurial outfit for a management position there only to get nothing for our efforts – in my case kicking off a very frustrating period. the situation is much better there with new owners and he still has some connections there so he used them to help get his young son a job there.

still he will have to leave when he becomes 18 because this theater will serve alcohol and the expectation is that he’ll start working at “the show” in the fall. good arrangement but i would rather – if he and i complained about that employer – that he needs not send his children to “the show” for a job.

btw, we mostly complain about the managers and at least many of them have left especially since i left. however they have been replaced by other managers so who knows how much different that place has been without them.


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