Back when I was jobhunting

I still dwell on this sometimes – can’t you tell. I spent some time while still at “the show” looking for another job. A job that provides opportunities for growth in addition to benefits and more money. Unfortunately it took two years of rejections and sometimes issues of timeliness when I do get a call.

There were some jobs I had been interested in but just didn’t call back. Some of those are simply what ifs others I let them pass because they were temporary in nature and wasn’t worth it. Or the position I just wasn’t interested in.

For the most part the interviews I did accept for a good stretch of time will be marked as a strikeout or a K. So for a good period of time I had 14 Ks, I couldn’t score a job offer for nothing.

Of course that changed when the job offer came from the bank. Of course we all know how that ended. Regardless it ended a stretch where it seemed like I got an interview and still got either nothing or a “Dear John” letter.

A friend of mine from the job gave me leads that I took advantage of and none of them led to jobs. To start I’d have been a manager at a small local theater chain and after a promising interview to my great dismay the owner took me out of contetion. The second one was at a grocery where he worked went up there for an interview at a day we both agreed on and was turned away because a higher up just showed up for a walk through. This made me even more frustrated.

The last one was at another store where he worked got screened. My friend insisted I’d get a call but to this day I never heard from them again. More time to continue looking to find another option away from “the show”.

So 14 Ks, and one score out of that. Countless phone calls, phone screens, and then numerous e-mails. And the job that ultimately lets me go gives me the opportunity. Gives me the opportunity to finally say deuces to the long-time job which had been the scenes of my frustration.

Strangely enough after 13 rejections after that one job offer, I’m now running 3 for 4. . Including the job at the bank, and my two current jobs. Yeah one interview was a K as I’d have been back close to “the show”, but was worthwhile regardless. Especially during a time when I started to realize the bank job wasn’t for me.

Ironically that lone K was for a job at a store with the same company i currently work for now. Different location same company it worked out even if I figured it was time to start looking some more.

All the same two years of frustration with the job at the show and job hunting paid off in the long run ultimately. Why is it hard for me to let that go?


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