letting go

frustration i’ve only recently begun the process of letting go of the many frustrating years at “the show”. as i like to state it was one of my first jobs when i finally graduated from mission college. it provided me with regular income and of course some needed amount of job experience that carried me to the bank, a grocery store, and ultimately another theater.

it was a fun job at first but then at some point reality set in. i feel as if after the first year i was already unhappy as i took for granted that my college degree would enable me to be promoted at least. well my mistake i should’ve been far more forceful even if it meant going elsewhere. i wasted time waiting for something that wasn’t going to happen unless i nudged it forward then towards the end it didn’t matter.

after a decent period of time of filing applications online and quite a few interviews i finally got a job – although ill fated – at a bank. first somewhat high-wage job i ever had although i had been limited as far as the hours i could work. the job that i accepted unfortunately proved not to be a very good fit.

but it did it’s job i quit “the show” finally after going on quite a few interviews with no job offer. during the period between jobs after the firing it felt somewhat difficult and uncertain but it was a short period as i’ve often told umpteen times here.

at least i had one interview to go before the unthinkable happened. and then a bit of a while before getting back to work. if things hadn’t been successful with the other job it’s possible i’d have gone back to “the show” and ask for my job back. though i have to say it would’ve been seen at the time as a defeat. i wanted to leave my situation for that time and only found myself back at square one and perhaps back at a minimum job with no possible prospects of growing.

it’s a road i never had to consider returning to. i’ve learned new skills and have found a new environment. finally it’s time to learn some flexibility and this is something i’m keenly interested in exploring.

at this point i like where i’m at and hopefully to future employers will prove to be a great employee.



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