recently i went by the neighborhood where i used to work – yes “the show”. i wrote a while back that it was no longer my scene as so much has changed since i had worked there. from the target nearby to the shopping/residential complex where the show had been located there are lots of changes.

i dropped by this area for the first time in maybe two months to see some of the changes. a new store coming is coming to the residential areas in addition to some new restaurants.

you may ask why did i come by this area if it’s no longer my scene. well this is done for nostalgic purposes. sometimes i do miss it not the drama mind you, but it proved to be an interesting experience. if it wasn’t for that period and what i learn and experienced in that neighborhood i wouldn’t be where i am now.

in fact the way i see it if not for the many times i went down to the neighborhood grocery store nearby perhaps i’d never successfully have gotten a job with that company today. even if it’s at an entirely different location at least i know what that particular company offers and sell myself according. and to be able to use my connection to this neighborhood to get the job.

i unexpectedly ran into one of my old managers at the old shopping center apparently i was erroneously told that he had quit. he was on his way to work and we didn’t talk long but he offered some updates and talked about what i had been up to. i work two jobs one at a theater and another at the grocery store. if the new theater was better and my answer was it was ok just got a few more things there than i’d have at “the show” he said a lot of the managers have left and told him i was working with one of the other managers from “the show” at the “new show”.

“the show” had their own lounge which served food and i made sure to openly wonder if those new eateries have eaten into the profits for the lounge area. also for a long time theater goers never had to pay for parking they do now. i realize things are really changing at this place perhaps they don’t have the profits they once had.

i always noted that this place was the scene of many odd dramas between myself and the many characters i had the misfortune of working with. many of them i successfully ignored and unfortunately for a long time still was angry with many of them. then i realize sooner or later i had to grow up and let go. one way to let go was to leave and go for greener pastures. there are no regrets on my end about that.

besides if i was still at “the show” i wouldn’t have went on this reunion trip. thanks too paid time off it wouldn’t have happened. i can gleefully say that now i have more than just a paycheck as that’s what was offered at “the show”. and when i stepped out of line was often used against me.

i just realized that i could invite him to go bowling with myself and some other people from “the show”. he wouldn’t have that far to go if he still worked in the general area. it’s something he could accept especially since many of us no longer worked there. though only he knows how he’d respond to an invitation. i’ll put it to someone who knows how to get in touch with him somehow.


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