The “She Likes You” Game

sometimes i wondered if this happened to me. it probably did back in my youth elementary or high school. i feel like it happened to me with the kids i used to work with at “the show”. the only thing that was missing was some other party was involved unless it never got to that point.

The New Adventures of Dateless-Man!

Before we get too far into the flashbacks to my previous experiences, I’ll define a term which I may end up using from now on. It is a game which was played on me many times throughout my life, especially as a child and teenager, so much so that I gave it a term. I’ve mentioned it to other people and they never seem to be able to figure out what I mean by it. Hopefully text will prove to be better suited than verbal explanations. I will note as a caveat that I grew up in the mid to late 1980’s to the end of the 1990’s, so it may be possible that it’s not done anymore in most social circles. After all, my childhood and even a chunk of my college life pre-dated things that most younger generations take for granted, such as i0S mobile devices or even…

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