had to quit the movie theater job today. when returned from my vacation last month my grocery job scheduled me on days where i normally would be off and/or work days. my schedule at theater and the store just weren’t compatible. i did the one thing i never do and that’s call off. i began to realize i can’t continue doing that.

one item off of my bucket list was working for this company as i had tried while still at “the show”. had three interviews with them and one of them for manager. cool job and offered more than “the show” ever did but with my full-time schedule at the store and the irregularity of hours at the theater well it grew difficult to manage.

the manager i turned my notice to said i’m free to re-apply in the future. which i may do when things begin to settle down, but i need a good plan to insure that i remain there for a while. that means managing the hours better than i had when i started as i had certainly been winging it.

still it felt great to return to that industry and to bring my previous training with me. also it was great to work at a newly opened cinema and at least see how an operation should be run. i can also say that about the store i work at also. i would like to think of myself as a better employee as a result of my experience at the store.

either way good experience and would try it again smartly. in addition up for promotion at the store at my current location and then a new location. well the new location decided and wasn’t in my favor and still waiting on interview for my  store. perhaps it’s better to not have this stress until i know what direction my work life will go.

also after turning in my notice at theater i rushed to the other job as quick as i could to stay within the grace period. it’s something that isn’t encouraged but it helps keep me out of point trouble. if i can’t stay within grace period i get a half point and they add up. they already have me documented for it. my goal now is to also stay on time from this point forward.


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