what do you do when trouble finds you?

so anthony an old friend i worked with at “the show” has talked me into taking some martial arts lessons. as much as i would entertain boxing as a martial art of choice he suggested karate. he suggested a place off the beaten plain in a sketchy neighborhood. another school he knows about was blown off because it would be too rough for me as a beginner.

perhaps i can train to be batman, but in this case i’m not training to fight for justice. instead i’m training to fight for myself more than anything. so far i know how to be mostly defensive just try to see any potential trouble before it becomes trouble. but even then you come ready when you just can’t ignore it.

another activity worth starting is exercising. at this moment just stretching, walking, push-ups, sit-ups, etc. beyond that just join a health club and keep myself in shape. i’d rather be a slim senior citizen then a slightly pudgy one because while i was younger i didn’t really do much to maintain my body.

as much as i enjoy working at a grocery store i still haven’t gotten a handle on eating healty. as much as i enjoy having a sweet-tooth I have to cut down on them and focus on much more healthier meals. perhaps doing some physical fitness would do me some good. even better i can afford it now so it can’t hurt.


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