the prolonged job hunt

i wrote about the first interview i had to kick off the two year long job hunt. often i make it seem like there were a lot of interviews and there weren’t. the reality is that there were a few more no’s than i had expected.

it all started with the small chain movie theater that i wrote about over the summer where i interviewed to be a manager. my disappointment and dwelling on that situation. the dwelling made easier because after an interview i kept getting NO job offers…

after the theater manager position fell through the next interview was for a bank teller at a major bank. really it was a phone interview and i felt as if this was an OK interview this was a no.

the next interview was for a major movie theater chain. another OK interview even though in 20/20 hindsight perhaps i turned my interviewers off. as much as i hoped this would end an emerging drought and after an attempt to follow up this was a no!

that would be my last interview until the end of the summer. there were other phone calls from employers and i sent applications. even took a test for the local transit authority but i never connected with them ultimately. as i continued working at “the show” i was getting nothing for my troubles.

there were some people i worked with who stupidly speculated that i wasn’t leaving. my friend anthony was even getting worried that i wasn’t getting any interviews and others had been. he was measuring my lack of success to others who were getting some success. and he attempted to give me some leads that i never pursued because i hadn’t been that interested to be honest.

then by that fall i got two interviews quick. another phone interview for an electronics store and that was a no. i was contradictory in that i apparently applied for an overnight stock position. wasn’t keen on that so it didn’t happen.

the next interview was for another retail store in downtown chicago. i had to go through a phone screen, a phone interview, and finally an interview at the store. all that and by the time of the in-store interview i was speaking with two young women who seemed neutral. hoping for the best this added to the no’s that was beginning to rack up!

my last interview that year was for a major movie theater chain. unfortunately while hoping for the best the interviewers were again neutral and i never heard from them again. i was at the point where i needed a way out from “the show” and the search got prolonged.

so how many was that. management, bank, theater, electronics, retail, theater so six total in the years 2012 and 2013. things would heat up in 2014 and by that fall i got a job offer!

i had one interview with a grocery chain that was expanding and opening new stores in the chicago area. the person who interviewed me again had been neutral and probably didn’t understand what i had applied for. this was where i went through some steps to score an in person interview. unfortunately never heard from them again.

then my friend anthony arranged for me to speak to a manager at another one of his jobs at a retail store which i quickly took advantage of. got screened and even though anthony said i will definitely hear from them i never got a phone call from them and the screen honesty ended suddenly as if that manager realized he wasn’t interested.

then suddenly i started getting interest from banks. the worst interview was with a local bank that where i had a family connection as a close relative had a management position at the bank. they sent me to a bank across the city to interview unfortunately an early morning and it took some time to get there. enough time where i made sure to call to not make my relative look bad. the interviewer still found a way to give me shit for it indicating that they weren’t impressed because i came late for interview. i never heard from that person again.

btw, not very important but i learned the interviewer had been let go….wtf???

anyway the other interviews were for national bank companies. as far as those go i went 1 for 5 at this point. i did get a job at a bank although not anywhere near downtown as i hoped i would. i would be in the neighborhood not too far from home.

the last interview was for a management position at a major theater chain. a huge surprise and gave me some confidence although i didn’t get it. perhaps i didn’t speak the language of the two general managers i interviewed with. so while i struggled at the bank i still fantasized about getting that position even though it wasn’t going to happen.

so in 2014 how many interviews six banks, one each for grocery, retail, and theater. So nine more interviews for a grand total of 15 actual interviews or screens. I did get other phone calls but they don’t count because they didn’t result in interviews. although there were some interesting stories with some of them.

either way even if it took me a few months after leaving “the show” to find my groove i finally did and happily.



why did i leave?

largeand after being gone almost two years i’m still piecing this together. the main thing was i wanted to make more money and it wasn’t going to happen at “the show”. then i realize that it’s a lot more complicated.

well not complicated just that there are other reasons to add on top of compensation. sometimes i think i was chased out by a variety of people. then again i was around people who had a penchant for complaining and many such people ultimately left before i did. like i’ve stated here once before i outlasted them.

perhaps i grew to realize times were changing around me and i was a relic of an old-time. that is i had my season and it was coming to a close. which is true.

what i realize is that as the sniping or the complaining continued with different people and many may have just wanted me to go away i consider this. all they did was chase me away to something better, if i was truly a target it only backfired. some job such people did.

to get paid more and much happier at a different company. ummmm not necessarily their mistake but not big picture thinking. complaining so that they can score points or whatever goal they had.

i could discuss a friend of mine who became a manager and got sent packing after close to a year. what did him in was a budding relationship with someone who he worked with initially before he became a manager. as they tried to keep their relationship a secret someone put a target on his back. when this happened he wasn’t sure what they were trying to get out of it.

to which i say out of our respective ordeals we both got something out of it. i left on my own for a better job although the job i left for only led me to another job which proved a better fit. in his case well i think he struggled to find his own footing but i’m sure he’ll get there now he can be free to be open about his relationship.

in which case who knows how happy some of the people we work with are with their lives, but i would say we both did much better after leaving. people who have this need to target people will only find other targets. they will never be happy…

college graduate “job”…


how jack v got the job at “the show”

it was almost simple as how i got my current job at a grocery store and my recent part-time job at another company. i applied like you usually would but i chose a much more indirect way to get the job.

now as i’ve stated i learned how to find a job real quick and that was to apply with college bookstores. which i did not long before interviewing with “the show” before they opened. and in fact my first post college job was actually with a college bookstore…surprise, surprise.

through a real estate website i found out about a movie theater about to open near downtown chicago. i found the corporate website and sent an e-mail indicating my interest. for a while i heard nothing until eventually i got an e-mail from them letting me know of a job fair which i attended.

ultimately i got the job with them although it was a while before i heard back from them. orientation was so disorganized and i compared them with another company in the same theater business years later. new hire paperwork seemed to have taken a long time and one of the managers handed me a phone to ask some questions that asked about whether or not i had received government assistance. it was annoying but i got through it. other than that not a very smooth experience.

it didn’t help that i had to do this halfway across town in an unfamiliar area and do so in the evening. thankfully this was only for a brief time and soon i’d be doing far more at the facility where i will be working.

in the meanwhile i’m working at the college bookstore until i get my actual schedule from “the show”. it seems to be an acquired skill, but speaking up is one way to insure you get what you want from any situation. i e-mailed them about any extra hours and they finally gave me my schedule.

it was time to quit that college bookstore job. it was a cool job to have worked there like any job it seemed particularly difficult our manager briefed us on how even though many students use government assistance to attend they still have a sense of entitlement to textbooks they didn’t exactly pay for.

still this job prepped me for the future long-term assignment at the theater. it didn’t prepare me for everything but at least i had some more experience under my belt before having to quit this job. was glad no more early mornings and transfers and much closer to downtown chicago.

october 2014 more changes

two years ago i request off some days for the weekend at “the show”. the intention was to do my collegiate homecoming. then i had two interviews early in the month which mean i had to delay my dental procedure a week or two. that meant i couldn’t go back to see my alma mater in georgia that year for one weekend.

i had two interviews in october 2014 one at a bank and another at a movie theater. the bank hired me and i decided it was time to leave the show. not sure how long it took me to bang out a two-week notice, but it was what i decided to do then. it was right as why should i stay somewhere i had been unhappy.

in the meanwhile during my time off i could get those ugly front teeth pulled and get a flipper installed. that means when i arrive at my new job i will have new teeth. also the folks at “the show”, when i return will also see my new teeth.

like i said, this month two years ago was the start of some changes in my life. new job and a new look and then some when 2015 came around.

of course the year ended not badly but certainly with something of a wimper. that’s ok as i start the year off better than the previous year with another new job.

my late dad’s birthday is coming up

when jack v loses his dad…

i often have stated that my dad passed away when i was 17. his death was due to a stroke, but often i attribute it to his alcoholism. he just couldn’t stop drinking and seemed unwilling to seek help to beat his addiction.

over the years i’ve known him to quit cold turkey only to go back to drinking. also he had high blood pressure and unfortunately he tended to stop taking the medication to address his condition. he seemed to not be able to take medication and drink alcohol at the same time.

either way one morning in march he went to his lonely job as a nightwatchman at a facility where it was just him by himself and he never came back home. the next shift started looking for him and as it happens he was found on the floor. who knows how long he had been unconscious, however, he was gone in almost three days time. if anyone had gotten to him sooner who knows if he’d be OK, but all i know is he just had to go to work that night. due to his alcoholism this didn’t seem like a job he took very seriously.

immediately before he passed away i was unsure of our relationship. he was a rather temperamental man who came up with his ideas out of his blue. often he could be angry when he was sober and easily as he would be when he wasn’t. my mother and i feared he was a ticking timebomb. it went off in an unexpected way.

sometimes i wonder how life would’ve turned out for me back then. often i did a lot of talking about what i wanted to do but little uncertainty as far as getting started. my mother figured college was in the future but to be honest it was too far in the back of my mind. that was because i had little concept up until going to a community college about how it goes and what it entails.

on the other hand due to my interest in militaristic like science-fiction i was keen on joining the service. it was slightly more easy to have a concept of that, but after my dad’s death i’m not certain how that would’ve worked out for me. i feel at my age i missed the boat on that although yeah i can still join the air force at least.

either way it probably would’ve been easier to risk going away to school earlier than i had with little idea of that world. or it would’ve been easier to risk joining the service as i had some interest. alas neither was a path i immediately took when it was time to make my decision on after high school life.

my mother at some point before my dad’s death sat me down to map out my future and i feel as if i didn’t want to map anything out. perhaps i thought i had it figured out or was just unwilling to make any serious plans. all the same, i wanted what i wanted and decided that i didn’t need my mother to create a map for me. of course this explains why i didn’t have a plan when i graduated from high school.

lately i traced my reticence to move forward with my life to my dad’s death. it sidetracked me on a number of things more than i realize. perhaps my need to pursue a military career to leave home wasn’t as critical as i had thought. my mother wanted me in school, she thought i had the grades to succeed and to be honest she was wrong.

i look at all the time i spent trying to finish undergrad. my high school years had been a fluke being on the honor roll for most of my time. all the while i realized it was too easy as i never been so lucky during grade school. it seems that if it was of great interest to me my mother never really encouraged this as she believed college should’ve been in my future.

my dad had encouraged my brother to join the military more than my mother. sadly my brother didn’t last in the military due to an illness. and it took a few years for my brother to turn things around for himself just as it had for me.

i realize that back then i was not very willing to execute my own plans. i talked about the military but wouldn’t do the deed. when it was time to go to that liberal arts college i balked and was called out by a relative on it with the simple statement ” i heard that before”.

perhaps i still have some time to get something accomplished as far as what i would like to do in my future. hopefully something that my future children would be proud of. in spite of my father’s imperfections i hope there would be a third man with my father and grandfather’s name.

speak it into existence


an odd concept and good fodder for a blog post. this was something spoken by one of the supervisors at work. spoken to a coworker though it’s often stated in the world not just at my job.

sometimes one’s own negativity gets into the way of positivity. sometimes i have wallowed in being a virgin. i have no one romantically, i do have friends but not many whom i seem to frequently keep in contact with even from childhood. i do desire a intimate connection with a woman that i value and trust.

with this said, it won’t be long before i’m a late 30s virgin and perhaps it’s time to believe that something will change in that department. unfortunately i have no concept of how to be successful in the dating realm. i really missed that boat when i was younger. even with online dating.

regardless sooner or later something has to change and i’m still unsure how but i want to make the next year as pivotal as two years ago had been job-wise. times have to change and as much as i value my current job with all i have accomplished the past year perhaps the nature of my personal life must change also.

i will speak into existence that i will have a relationship with a woman i value and trust. short of that relationship i hope that the woman i value and trust will be the one that i could lose my virginity to. perhaps in the new year i will know the intimacy that has been missing for most of my life.

why did i stay?

hey jack v if “the show” was so bad why did you work for them for so long?


I revealed to one of the supervisors at work a partial reason as to why I left. Her question was more how was it and I’m not sure I answered directly other than to say there was a reason I left.

in my answer i pointed a finger at managers and coworkers being vague but just placing blame. i’m not sure that was fair entirely. But one thing was fair is that the time i got the job at the bank I decided it was time to leave. The main thing I didn’t want to do was bad mouth them as it wasn’t important but at some point it became a dreadful place to work.

in fact, the funny part is that it was less dreadful than the bank. i really wasn’t excited to work at the branch in which i got hired. the thing is the reason i stayed at both jobs was similar, i needed the job and it was always possible to look for something better (whatever that entailed).

the funny thing i consider about “the show” is that many of the people who decided it was ok to cause me trouble i outlasted them. either they left on their own for only reasons they know or they got fired. funny thing is why even decide to cause drama if you weren’t going to stay long.

i’ve began to have an appreciation for other opinions on who we worked with almost two years ago. some of them had their own psychology and found a job at a place where they could really engage in their worst instincts. and all they had to do was find someone such as me to feed into their psychology.

as far as managers i think they played to the various personalities there. they allowed these personalities to throw their issues onto someone else and just for the sake of complaining. perhaps someone was targeted because they knew certain members of management didn’t like said employee.

another aspect is the notion that in reality management really had no control over their employees while they worked there. some may not have feared losing their jobs because they did wrong. although considering the environment we were all employed at doing right didn’t always seem to matter anyway.

even if i never fulfilled any particular manager’s expectation i unlike a lot of people up there who focused on what they wanted to that i always strove to do my job. bad news is that the focus in my opinion was on what i didn’t do. for example i was never where i was supposed to be at the right time, it was lunacy and it helped to nudge me away although it took me some time.

we had a number of managers who weren’t people persons and that didn’t help when you were in a customer centered business. some probably had awful personalities and took it out on employees who tried not to really go at it with them. believe me as much as i preferred to stay below the radar there was only one real episode where i got so pissed at a manager i lost my temper and to their face.

all the same, after all the episodes of drama i finally found myself in a good position today. it’s something unfortunately that at times i came very close to losing due to an old culprit – tardies – but i consider where i came from. i went from a minimum wage job where i had very little other than a paycheck to a better job with benefits.

while it’s not my concern for some of the young trouble making coworkers i wonder where their activities have led them. it’s one thing if it led them to far more success on the other hand i suspect many might find themselves scraping by barely. hopefully many of them will take the time to right their ships. they’ll learn eventually.

as always time will heal all wounds. that was only for me.