jack v marks another milestone – a month that turned pivotal…

octoberoctober was when i finally received my first job offer in years, probably since starting at “the show”. after two interviews earlier in that month the next week i got a phone call with a job offer that i accepted. so among other necessary changes a new job was one of them.

another change was that it was time to finally pull those bad teeth and receive a flipper to replace them. i learned only recently how my appearance somewhat changed because i had some teeth fixed. this month was only the start of that and more to come.

moreover i did those last two interviews before job offer were with bad teeth. the first interview that offered me the job was for a bank teller position. the second interview interestingly enough was to be a manager at a movie theater downtown. the second interview gave me great confidence even if i didn’t get it and while i continued to struggle at the bank often fantasized about what if i had become a theater manager.

in the meanwhile it was time to figure out what to do with “the show”. the bank job was actually part-time and i was on probationary status starting out. some suggested that i keep the job at the theater and ultimately i decided it was time to say peace out to “the show”. time to go and pursue other opportunities that i wasn’t going to be able to access where i remained.

i had to leave some of the people i grew somewhat fond of behind. the others whom i began to have issues with i had to leave them behind also as they weren’t part of my future. ironically before i turn in my two week notice one of the mangers who i had some issues turned in hers, she was tired of that place also.

having turned in my two week notice it was time for the so-called “victory lap”. i succeeded where for a good period of time i wasn’t able to. it felt great to be able to  leave that place behind. finally to work a job that pays great and with some benefits. most importantly opportunities for some career growth not just a job.

of course as you already know as i’ve written about this pivotal moment a number times since i started this blog the job i accepted let me go after over a month. this set into motion even more changes just as important as leaving “the show”.


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