why did i stay?

hey jack v if “the show” was so bad why did you work for them for so long?


I revealed to one of the supervisors at work a partial reason as to why I left. Her question was more how was it and I’m not sure I answered directly other than to say there was a reason I left.

in my answer i pointed a finger at managers and coworkers being vague but just placing blame. i’m not sure that was fair entirely. But one thing was fair is that the time i got the job at the bank I decided it was time to leave. The main thing I didn’t want to do was bad mouth them as it wasn’t important but at some point it became a dreadful place to work.

in fact, the funny part is that it was less dreadful than the bank. i really wasn’t excited to work at the branch in which i got hired. the thing is the reason i stayed at both jobs was similar, i needed the job and it was always possible to look for something better (whatever that entailed).

the funny thing i consider about “the show” is that many of the people who decided it was ok to cause me trouble i outlasted them. either they left on their own for only reasons they know or they got fired. funny thing is why even decide to cause drama if you weren’t going to stay long.

i’ve began to have an appreciation for other opinions on who we worked with almost two years ago. some of them had their own psychology and found a job at a place where they could really engage in their worst instincts. and all they had to do was find someone such as me to feed into their psychology.

as far as managers i think they played to the various personalities there. they allowed these personalities to throw their issues onto someone else and just for the sake of complaining. perhaps someone was targeted because they knew certain members of management didn’t like said employee.

another aspect is the notion that in reality management really had no control over their employees while they worked there. some may not have feared losing their jobs because they did wrong. although considering the environment we were all employed at doing right didn’t always seem to matter anyway.

even if i never fulfilled any particular manager’s expectation i unlike a lot of people up there who focused on what they wanted to that i always strove to do my job. bad news is that the focus in my opinion was on what i didn’t do. for example i was never where i was supposed to be at the right time, it was lunacy and it helped to nudge me away although it took me some time.

we had a number of managers who weren’t people persons and that didn’t help when you were in a customer centered business. some probably had awful personalities and took it out on employees who tried not to really go at it with them. believe me as much as i preferred to stay below the radar there was only one real episode where i got so pissed at a manager i lost my temper and to their face.

all the same, after all the episodes of drama i finally found myself in a good position today. it’s something unfortunately that at times i came very close to losing due to an old culprit – tardies – but i consider where i came from. i went from a minimum wage job where i had very little other than a paycheck to a better job with benefits.

while it’s not my concern for some of the young trouble making coworkers i wonder where their activities have led them. it’s one thing if it led them to far more success on the other hand i suspect many might find themselves scraping by barely. hopefully many of them will take the time to right their ships. they’ll learn eventually.

as always time will heal all wounds. that was only for me.


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