october 2014 more changes

two years ago i request off some days for the weekend at “the show”. the intention was to do my collegiate homecoming. then i had two interviews early in the month which mean i had to delay my dental procedure a week or two. that meant i couldn’t go back to see my alma mater in georgia that year for one weekend.

i had two interviews in october 2014 one at a bank and another at a movie theater. the bank hired me and i decided it was time to leave the show. not sure how long it took me to bang out a two-week notice, but it was what i decided to do then. it was right as why should i stay somewhere i had been unhappy.

in the meanwhile during my time off i could get those ugly front teeth pulled and get a flipper installed. that means when i arrive at my new job i will have new teeth. also the folks at “the show”, when i return will also see my new teeth.

like i said, this month two years ago was the start of some changes in my life. new job and a new look and then some when 2015 came around.

of course the year ended not badly but certainly with something of a wimper. that’s ok as i start the year off better than the previous year with another new job.


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