December 2014

at this point i had been gone from “the show” for almost two months. my new job at the bank wasn’t going very well and it wasn’t long before i was cut loose. my saving grace strangely enough was a series of interviews afterwards would get me back to work in the new year.

the branch i found myself at wasn’t a very good fit. the team i worked with seemed to be looking for an excuse to criticize me. my performance made it easy for them & i was a big mess. regardless without going into much details my firing involved attendance and job performance.

still what i will say is that i didn’t do very well with the leadership at that branch. my manager was a stickler for time and my immediate supervisor was a rough one. i don’t think i got on very well with her at all.

either way, i grew to not like it there and began fantasizing about the manager position i interviewed for at another theater in downtown chicago. i didn’t get it but i still imagined what if i had. it was what i knew at that point.

i had decided the previous month to start looking again. funny part was when i got the job offer from the bank in october i had calls from other employers looking to interview me. i never responded and only one came from a job in downtown chicago which was a grocery store – that’s another story.

either way before the bank let me go i had one interview also the previous month and amusingly it was at a grocery store not far from “the show”. one frequently patronized by me while for a period of time working nearby. i didn’t get it unfortunately which i attributed to my anticipated work schedule at the bank.

i had to answer for starting a new job and looking for another. my answer sort of hedged my bets to say i was looking for more hours in addition to the limited amount of hours starting at the bank. to be honest, i had decided that if the store hired me i would quit the bank even though i really just started. well the bet wasn’t a good one and who knows probably should’ve just been honest, just didn’t want to look bad.

either way i was going to have a date in the unemployment line. the day it happened i didn’t want to go in but did so only to be told the bad news in an office at the branch. it was snowing that day so after about half an hour back out in the elements figuring out the next steps. which was just go back home, follow-up on a job application to another theater, and then upon realizing i was being paid to not work go downtown and catch a show. at that got to the show early enough to catch not just one but two shows.

so i was fired on a friday, the day before i finally called the manager who ultimately hired me and successfully passed a phone screen. the day after the firing i would meet with him for the first time the start of a series of three interviews which resulted in a job in the new year.

oh i almost forgot after i got fired it was time to install the permanent bridge in place of the failing teeth that got pulled. two months earlier i was issued a flipper now another piece of the puzzle of change has been completed. a new job, new teeth, unfortunately a setback, and then in the new year a rebound.


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