so what’s in a name?

you know many of the places i discuss especially a workplace are based on real locales. i don’t like discussing the actually names of these places and often choose to keep it vague.

for example while i have been a college graduate for a number of years i still have chosen not to name the college only the state. allow me to change that in this post.mcg

when referring to that liberal arts college that i attended in georgia, it will referred to as “mission college”, a fictitious college in the film school daze directed by spike lee. i recommend that movie it’s good and addressed college life for young black people. it also has some messages therein.

btw, it turns out there is a real mission college located in california, but i had no idea about it until i looked for anything related to the mission college from the movie school daze.


the all-girls school will be referred to as “hillman college”. “hillman” is the fictitious college shown in the tv sitcom a different world. it’s a spin-off the cosby show which portrayed one of the daughters of bill cosby’s tv family going away to school. unfortunately that character dropped out and the show carried on with a different focus.

as for all the other places say the community college i attended before leaving for “mission” i haven’t decided an appropriate pseudonym. perhaps i will as there are some stories to tell from that period of time. indeed i’ve told one and it won’t be the only one although not the only one involving women.

perhaps while i’m at it i can add names to the various place i have worked for. that’ll be a project for later. perhaps a new name for “the show” and the dine-in show i briefly worked at.

also a new name for the current job, i had thought about what i wanted to name that place. even thought about using the brand name of grocery stores that are long gone. to be determined for that.

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