february 2013


“the show” during the course of this month had started firing people. a number of people had been caught stealing whether an extra cup of nacho cheese, a hot dog or even charging $1 for a personal pan pizza that cost $6. it started with two people whom was handing around the cheese and since they got caught red-handed they started ratting everyone else who they knew were stealing.

in other cases the employees in question admitted they stole and after a serious argument with management or they stupidly stole something right in front of management. either way no matter the story management was cracking down and it cost a good number of people their jobs, rightfully so. some of the ones who lost their jobs were cool and it was very unfortunate but that’s the time i was working in. one of my coworkers were buddies with one of the supervisor so we got a list of those who lost their jobs.

what a horrible and stressful period of time, but then i accepted this more than i should’ve. i could ask what were we stealing for, but reality is in my mind the job is shitty most of us who care aren’t getting anything for caring even if it wasn’t immediate. i knew i wasn’t and the year started off with me just in a real bad mood with my house manager who was doing his job but was a serious douchebag when he did it acting like he owned me for the paltry pay i was stuck at. management chewing me out for the least little thing wasn’t worth it for the money i was bringing home although it was still a job regardless and remained there for the next year plus.

this leads me to the next highlight of this coming month i finally landed another interview with a competing movie theater along the magnificent mile. i had actually never been there before – in fact if i had been more serious about job hunting during my community college years this would’ve been my first job. when i returned their call the next day they immediately hit me with why did i want to leave “the show” and i stumbled because i just didn’t expect that.

either way using some of anthony’s interview advice i went to this interview on a sunday and did as best as i could hope to present the best case possible. i wanted this job to leave the show and this theater job represented growth as this was a national chain, where it was possible for a management job was a strong possibility and no more “we” decided if you should move up no application or anything “we” approach you.

long story short the person who called me and interviewed me was a supervisor who was joined with her own boss (one of the theater managers). her boss i don’t think was feeling me, my goal was to make the best case possible but it was possible that perhaps i tried way too hard to get on their level and it cooled things with her boss. the interviewed ended after my questions abruplty with the manager stating that they will be making decisions within a week and if you don’t hear from us please don’t take it personally.

well i never heard from them again and that wasn’t the response i wanted – a third rejection since september 2012. still wondering and nearby that location with my friend anthony  we decided to go drop by and ask about my interview thus asked for the hr manager not really thinking. he told me that if i hadn’t heard anything yet, i probably wasn’t going to get it. when anthony wanted to catch a show right there seeing something of interest i already wasn’t in the mood and might have raised my voice a little. i told him what happened and then made our way to a local restaurant and he was working on me with regards to this interview he wanted me to go back and talk to that manager as he knew i really wanted this. the hr point told me that the manager who interviewed me would be in that night so just go in and talk to him.

anthony i’ve learned was the type of guy who would follow-up on jobs, applications, interviews and find out who were the players in a particular organization. but me being me at this point in time, the moment i get bad news made it hard for me to even want to follow-up on this. he followed up with me on this later i faintly said damn it and he facepalmed quickly and decided that i didn’t follow-up at all.


either way this much was clear my frustration was beginning to mount about my position and so far my inability to score a job offer. little did i know that by the end of 2013 i would get three more interviews and get nothing for it, no job offers at all…


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