odds & ends

i found out recently that my boss – who replaced the boss who hired me after getting a promotion – put in his two weeks. he’s leaving the company and he hadn’t been our department manager for a whole year. that means a whole lot more change after two years at the store.

his surprising departure wasn’t the only one. we’ve lost a lot of people due to attendance and some outright quit.

one young man who had been without a doubt a very enthusiastic coworker decided to quit out of the blue. the sequence of events had been he put in his two weeks, he had found a new job at a burger joint and was very enthusiastic about it. and then one day just stopped coming in for his schedule shifts.

i added him on fb recently and his statuses indicate that he likes it so far. time will tell, but because of how he chose to depart even after giving his two weeks might make it difficult for him to return. we’ve had others leave only to return later. one of those individuals also quit recently.

our department is woefully short staff although at the moment we could get some relief. they posted some jobs for our department and a posting for our new dept. manager. so i’ll have to take a wait and see attitude but to be honest at this new development i was very disappointed. i hope our soon to depart boss is doing what’s best for him and that would take the sting away at least.

back to the enthusiastic young man, one of our more experienced coworkers talked about him. someone else told him the news as he never knew. he asked where’s the stability, 401K, etc. all we can say now is that he’s doing what he believes is best for him now. another coworker said he wasn’t getting the respect he thought he deserved or the recognition.

to which i say, yeah i hear that. i worked somewhere that didn’t give me respect. i got the job done, but then there was something else i didn’t do to their satisfaction. of course some of this was a self-inflicted wound for example at “the show” i didn’t get along with people. perhaps it was in part my personality or because i worked with people who were looking for conflicts. sometimes it wasn’t me who fired the first shot.

but what i will say for the young man is that everyone noticed when he essentially stopped showing up. people loved him and respected him it was bad business how he left the store. as another worker put it, he goes all in with everything he does. whenever he started his job and liked what he saw he committed and forgot about his old coworkers.

it almost reminded me of when i transitioned from “the show” to the bank. it wasn’t entirely smooth, missed a couple of shifts because of the new job. one day was when i had to report  to the branch and they weren’t flexible not that they had to be. the last day was the day after my last worked shift, the next shift was during the time i had to go to off-site training for the bank. i could’ve easily said forget them, but turning in my notice was my form of forget them and worked most of my remaining scheduled shifts.

the people i got along with at “the show” probably noticed. the ones who found some issues with me likely didn’t and it’s none of my business whether they were glad i was leaving or had little response to it. probably didn’t matter if i left to find something much better than what i had done for almost 5 years. all i can point out is that some of the senior managers noticed and for the smallest issues they gave me grief, they couldn’t believe i was finally leaving.

however, now as i plot my next move after these developments it’s time to determine which direction i should go. the point to make more money which is important but then what else. i can’t sit on my ass and expectt nothing more than stability. i stagnated at “the show”, i should always strive to progress now that it’s been two years since i left the movie theater.


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