well the shit-talking has begun in our department, there is an assistant manager in our department helping us out as we figure out who will lead our dept. so we’re in a state of upheaval after our big boss quit for another job and another is departing soon to a new position at a new store.

this other assistant manager came from another store nearby. been with company almost two decades and is already not making a good first impression. she’s already starting to micromanage people and rub them the wrong way.

it’s one thing for her to rub regular employees the wrong way, it’s totally another to rub other members of leadership the wrong way. for example, I heard our acting dept. manager and one of the supervisors talking about her. the conversation they had wasn’t good. the supervisor said that she acts like she’s still new to the job and she was a micro-manager and yet been working there two decades. also she’s just interfering and she really isn’t doing anything.

i spoke to another coworker and i had my own opinion. there have been managers who used their authority to just be downright rude to employees and unnecessarily. most of the time i just took it but there’s always a breaking point. it’s often made worse because perhaps they found something i’m in the wrong about. i’m not saying that’s this lady’s shortcoming, but she has them regardless.

at least for me i can do something about it. i volunteered to be on a panel interview for at least assistant managers. so it’s one more thing to add to the resume especially when it happens. hopefully i can do my part to root out those individuals who aren’t likely to be good fits for our department. i just hope others see what we’ve been seeing.


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