odds & ends


odds_and_endswas talking recently to a young coworker about all the changes at our store and also our company. there aren’t many paths to move up in our dept anymore as the company cut some supervisory positions. i was supposed to be up for a supervisory position – akin to an hr role for the dept unfortunately they cut the position so therefore no need to interview anyone.

one supervisor has moved on to a different store. the other two supervisors are stepping down from their roles because they both have found other jobs. we’re getting two assistant managers from other stores one of whom have left an unfortunate first impression upon arriving. another i will be on a panel to interview them.

also this coworker told me for the first time that our former boss made some good money. almost $30/hr and roughly $50K a year, and i admitted i would stick around just to make that much cash. though getting into a position would be such a competitive process.

btw, i also learned for the first time that our former boss who left last month is moving on to selling luxury cars. if my coworker is correct he found the right fit for him as a car salesman. he does sales for our dept and understands some of the nuances of sales. perhaps he’ll do well on a commission job and possibly double what he made as a dept manager.

we both have found ourselves wondering if we both joined at the wrong time. to which i try not to dwell on where the company is now.

i told him that it’s better he came to our store than to stay where he was down the street. he didn’t like it there and he moved on. things aren’t looking good right now, however it’s better than where he was.

in fact to look at my path. i left “the show” where i had a very limited path to succeed. and unfortunately at the mercy of other people who were looking for problems. then took a risk and moved onto a bank where i had limited hours – far less than at the movie theater – however a great potential to make more money through referrals. sadly i crashed and burned there and luckily landed somewhere to realize the potential to make more money. now things are a changing and i have to determine what’s next, but i’m at a good company where i could afford to move around.

and also i can consider that it was better to have worked at “the show” than to have nothing at all. perhaps close to five years at the theater is better than doing another temp job and then being let go and waiting for the next temp job. i used to shit on that old job, but it was necessary back in the day regardless of how long it took me to simply find another job and move on.


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