march 2014

the month before i had an interview with “finer foods” not long  after another grocery chain had closed down they were expanding in the chicago area. corporate called me roughly the same time as my friend anthony’s store. i chose the new store looking to staff.

my friend anthony was very keen on getting me on his store expressing disappointment when i wouldn’t follow-up with his contact months before they ever called me. i went to the interview and basically blew it. never heard from them again and for roughly a month or so i avoided anthony who had a one track mind about “finer foods”. what happened with the interview.

anyway we finally got connected told him what happened and then made some arrangements to get me at his story. he had me call the store manager there and arrange for an interview which i finally did. i was supposed to meet with him on a tuesday at 10 AM.

my first interview with “finer foods” had been in february and the arrangments took place in april. and when all was said and done with my friend’s outpost where he had been working i still didn’t get a job with this company and what happened with the store manager and any potential job was shitty. left me upset and a brief rift took place after anthony yelled at me for not following up.

for now that story will have to wait.

nothing of great note happened during the course of this month. i was still frustrated at “the show” waiting for the next opportunity. little did i know that by october things would change.


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