the return

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during the course of the past couple of weeks i visited both “the show” and the “dine-in show”. i already know how many changes have occurred at “the show” as it bled many of the longtime managers i knew there and many of the employees. aside from a few exceptions it’s very hard to find someone who had been working there as long as i have.

* one of the people i didn’t care for was the house manager he was interestingly cordial the day i saw him – “it was nice seeing you“, he said. he was the main sh*thead there. i’m not explaining what that means. i went up to the lounge to check menu it hadn’t changed when i left one of the managers up there was someone i started with in 2009. she was at the hostess stand which is in a different spot now. it registered that i was no longer there. another person i recognized there was a young man working the concession stand i wanted to say hello but i was unsure if he remembered me and i didn’t want to ask the house manager if i could come in and speak with one of the supervisors who was a dear friend. i left not long after going to the bar.

if i may explain what a house manager is, essentially the house manager is the no. 2 at “the show” to the general manager. he’s the first officer or executive officer so essentially a commander riker to captain picard from star trek. though in this case i have far more repsect for cmdr. riker than the old h.m. at “the show”.

* didn’t intend to go in at the “dine-in” one of my young coworkers – francis – had made me just as i got up the escalator. i got a run down of all the changes many of the managers and supervisors had transferred to other theaters or quit. a precious few had gotten fired. it seems being a manager/supervisor at a theater in downtown chicago wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. this is more of an intermediate step than a stop on a career in the theater business.

* the general manager who offered me an opportunity to give more hours  – however i quit because my schedule at “fresh foods” near the end made it almost difficult – had moved on to a theater in florida. another manager transferred to a theater closer to my current job. others simply were on their way out the door for better opportunities – and that’s always a good thing. i told francis i had been applying for different positions there but never heard back he was incredulous as i had already worked there and knew the job.

before i left he seemed down because of all the changes to which i told him, that place wasn’t really a bad place to work. the question to ask is at what point are all the changes bad. he turned around and said when does one reach their breaking point. i told him i hope he doesn’t reach that point but exactly because this wasn’t a bad place to work. right now him and his coworkers say the “dine-in” sucks right now.

* i would say once upon a time i reached my breaking point at “the show”. after all i began to call the place where i worked “sh*tplace”. i was not in good shape there. in fact the day of my visit there a long-time security guard for the parking lot at “the show” joked that i did my shift real quick to which i joked so quick i’m not coming back. then he recognized they won’t elevate me move me up so i had to make a move and go somewhere that i could. he made a good point finding another job is always about bettering yourself especially financially and certainly with skills.

* one of the senior managers from “the show” moved onto the national chain with whom i formerly worked at the “dine-in”. he was a facility manager at the “dine-in” when i saw him i made sure to speak to him though he has the easiest job there he doesn’t have to deal with employee issues or customers for the most part just keep the building in good shape. another person who left “The show” to better themselves though it’s unclear what caused him to exit.

* the h.m. at the show i understand is likely unhappy although he’s probably going to stay put. he’s now feeling the pressure of no raises like those of us on the bottom rung. of course that tidbit is per our dear friend anthony as while he has his opinions on our former boss he got some info out of him. some real insider stuff.

all the same i simply say it serves him right for being a dick to many of us and now he’s feeling his own pressure. although it’s unfair to compare my pressure to his. he has children, me i only have student loans. just like him i wanted to make more money and all i got was minimum wage pay as they chose to cut hours for obamacare. now he knows what it’s like somewhat to stick with a job and not get ahead financially.

this leads me to say i can’t hold on to any grudges from that time. what goes around comes around. though he still has the position and the salary i shouldn’t feel that bad for him. certainly i can only wish i had his role & salary there but as of now i’m a long way from it. even then i can get to where he is now at “fresh foods” at least.


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