virginity problem in japan


i’m learning japan is starting to have a sex problem as many are remaining virgins into their adulthood. japanese men & women aren’t dating and they aren’t having sex. if men and women aren’t dating nor having sex they also aren’t getting married and having children. as a result the birth rate is declining

what’s going on over there. a japanese comedian said he thought women were scary – really? well that’s what he said basing his feelings off of rejection by women. rejection is a jarring response to his interest and that’s something i can relate to though i’ve had a few.

but what makes women scary? well nothing really, i have trouble forcing myself to express interest in a woman mainly because well i could get rejected. or i may not like what i see – on the other side when you finally get that woman she may also decide she doesn’t like what she see. women in and of themselves are not scary, but dating one and building a relationship that could turn into sexual interest or more can be scary

i see that porn has been blamed for why men and women in japan are remaining virgins into their adulthood. in my humble opinion that is a cop out. you’re reading the blog of an adult virgin who has watch his fair share of porn over the years. regardless as opposed to watching adult performers have sex for my enjoyment i still long for my own partner to experience sex. merely watching sex on a vhs tape or an online flash video is no fun.

indeed for me at least i’ll know how sex is between two people even if it’s basically a performance. if it’s not a way for a virgin to educate themselves about the various aspects of sex then certainly it’s a way for a person – who is lacking in the sex dept – to please themselves. even then please yourself all you want you’re still not getting any from a compatible mate.

then also a stagnant economy in japan! perhaps that’s somewhat closest to my situation. i have student loans and for a good period of time as i entered my 30s my job prospects weren’t getting much better. i remained at a minimum wage job hoping for the best and waited some time before i finally found a better job that paid more, offered more hours, and provided benefits. even if there were available women who would date me being in such a situation caused me to stay out of the dating scene because i couldn’t believe a woman would be interested in me romantically.

perhaps that leads up to self-esteem. perhaps i had my own issues with it and not only counting the fact that i’m still a thirty-something virgin. i could talk about yours truly as a twenty-something virgin. perhaps you have to find a way to not define yourself or others according to whether or not they’ve had or hadn’t have sex. whatever your status there is something your proud of and regardless there has to be something that would attract a mate.

perhaps i struggle with this. no quirky interest or hobby could attract a mate. or perhaps that same quirkiness could attract the right person who is quirky themselves. and i certainly have developed some quirky interests/hobbies that may not interest available women.

who knows what has stunted the dating scene in japan right now.


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