my dad’s birthday has just recently passed. it’s been 20 years since his untimely and unexpected passing. his addiction to alcohol for the many years i knew him took its toll on him.

as often stated on this blog, no one is sure what triggered his addiction. my suspicion is the fact that his parents split when he was young. this was something he never entirely got over even into his adulthood.

one thing to bear in mind with this is that my mother realized she wanted a car, thankfully she could afford one. my dad didn’t want her to have a car and had an attitude about it. perhaps he just didn’t believe my mother should be independent of him.

it occurs to me that perhaps he feared that my mother would get away from him if she had a car. that was unlikely but if you were insecure in the first place, your mind runs wild. if someone was going to leave you keeping them from having a car is the least of your worries. if a person is determined to leave they’ll find a way regardless.

as for me my dad had the idea that my brother wanted to bequeath one of his cars to me. for most of the time my brother lived with us his choice car was a honda. i remember his late 80s to early 90s honda civic colored burgundy. i may not have cared for his choice of a honda, but looking back it was an attractive car and if it was to be i’d have one. someone my dad didn’t like it and queried me on it.

all i could tell him wsa that i knew nothing about it and that was an answer he didn’t like. “DON’T YOU LIE TO ME!” he says, but the truth was i knew nothing about it and my dad didn’t believe it. my brother never said anything to me about it. perhaps my dad didn’t want me to be independent of him either!

i recognize that my dad had some severe issues which he proved unwilling to truly overcome. it’s a shame, because dealing with his addiction and ultimately the underlining causes could’ve saved his life.



have been going through some things at the moment. this blog might be placed on the backburner for now. i’d like to tell you about some of the current “drama”, but not feeling it right now.

what i will say is that it blows some of what i talked about at “the show” out of the water. regardless it’s a bit of a situation that allows me to forget about that for now. and my hope is that this situation is only temporary.

believe it or not it does involve “fresh foods” and at least it doesn’t involve the strong opinions of teenaged girls. all the same there will be time for details and will look forward to sharing them with you!

odds & ends

img_1368sometime in august i ran into a coworker from the “dine-in show”, francis. he seems depressed over the recent changes at the dine-in since i left them behind in summer 2016. it’s safe to say that he’s got some of the complaints that i have now about some of the changes going on at both of our jobs.

to which i say will say in the last post i did about my current job, most of that information may not necessarily be correct. most of this is nothing although i know one thing the new boss for my dept. at “fresh foods” is certainly bringing in new people to the right positions, especially people from his old store. he’s entitled to do that, but imho it seems somewhat unfair. he’s also entitled to make some changes also. things change and it won’t likely won’t go back to what i’m used to.

anyway back to francis, he was helping out at my usual theater – the one i may go to when i get off work in early afternoons. he was merely helping out as most of the associates there were to attend a beach party. i asked him if he thought to transfer but he seemed reticent – he could at least stay in box office at the dine-in, however at this theater he likely would have to usher or do concessions. he’s not excited about that and yet he doesn’t like his current theater now. the company he currently works for has opportunities for him to move from theater to theater and to even get promoted he should find ways to take advantage. meanwhile i also made sure to give him the rundown on “fresh foods” and got his e-mail just to send some jobs his way.

* incidentally since maybe earlier this year one of the new managers over there was a manager at the dine-in show. i’ve been applying to this theater for years and have been not smart enough to blow off the phone calls or i never heard from them. actually i told one story about getting a call from there and i just procrastinated!

all the same she’s there now and knows that i come to the show there. so if i wanted a second gig another possibility here. though the question is whether or not i should take advantage and just ask about my application. at least this time my availability won’t be an issue this time since now i mostly work mornings. i also plan to adjust my availability to make this so!

also  find out that she’s essentially THE senior manager there. to explain at this company the senior manager is essentially the theater’s assistant general manager or the equivalent at “the show” the house manager. when i refer to a senior manager at “the show” i basically refer to salaried managers who have far more responsibilities that include hiring and firing than the supervisors.

with this in mind if working at this theater was something i truly wanted i have an in. hopefully she would be receptive to me coming on board there knowing that i work nearby at “fresh foods” and i’m often there at the movies.


*as far as a blast from the past i ran into my former boss at another local “fresh foods” store. it was unexpected he said he was there helping out which is always good. he especially helps out in the dept where he made his name. as of now he remains an associate store manager at another location not this one i ran into him at, but another location which recently opened.

we talked about this store and how much sales it makes per day. even some positions that had opened up. i let him know that i’m giving the new regime at my store some time before i decide to make a leap. although the real reason for giving myself some time was some of the attendance issues i have right now. i want one to clear by february before i start applying to some jobs. i may discuss more about this in greater detail in a future post.

the old boss understood, but remembered some of the “job dialogues” we’ve had. incidentally he suggest going for a buyer position to move up. even said at that store a supervisor position is opening up and even if i chose to go for neither and still come over as a regular employee i’d still be considered a leader there. and it’s great to know he’s still speak up for me if i ask. although i also realize i got to tell him about some of my attendance issues. he can speak up for me but that’s all he can do! i indicated interest in touching bases with him and that will include any future positions i apply for.

* at the job now there is some drama which is funny because here i used to really hint at the drama that occurred at “the show”. really it’s teenage girl drama by those who come there only to stir trouble around them. of course this time is more adult drama that is really about the job.

i wish i could tell the old boss that one of his replacements is shaking things up, which is his job, but it’s something i’m not happy about. also some of his star players no longer work there and as per the new boss. also the new boss essentially is bringing in people he knows to the main positions in the department.

i also wish i could tell him that the guy who helped train him – as per an email that was posted not long before our old boss left our store – well he’s not happy. he’s worried that his coworkers and manager are talking about him behind his back. i also wish i could tell him that as a receiver the new boss elected to push me aside for some vague reason although i now know that it’s to put in people he knows. again that’s his prerogative. what i didn’t want to do is make this situation so negative that he begins to wonder if i’m as much the problem. besides his view of me having a good attitude is what allowed him to hire me in the first place!

* btw, i’m not finished talking about “the show” yet. basically my timeline had been thrown by things that i wanted to discuss hopefully by the middle of the month or end of october “the show” storyline will basically come to an end. no use in discussing old drama that i won’t likely revisit.

hopefully i can come up with that next great puff piece about my time there will be coming along when i finally let this portion of my life go. and believe me i cannot wait!

you make the call!?!


now that it is football season – and i rarely watch football anyway – it seems appropriate to bring this back. this time it’s under slightly different circumstances unlike the first post of its type which involved candice.

anyway this time it’s mary jr. or as i could call her ms. thickems. unfortunately there won’t be an opportunity to follow-up with her although the last time i saw her at work i mostly avoided her. bottom line she no longer works at my store a disappointment, but eh she’s someone i would describe as “perfectly imperfect”. not a supermodel, but her physique was an attractive one.

all the same before the end came for her at work, i picked my spot with her. essentially i just went for it no pretend, no chat, just went cold. and it started with her noticing that i was there later than usual. for most of the past summer i had been working early mornings doing receiving and with me being a creature of the night crew for the most part she noticed. every now and then made reference to it.

she pointed her laser thermometer at me on this particular evening and it caused me to ask her, “you want to be my fb friend?”. once it dawned upon her what i was asked she slowly stated “i don’t use fb”. with that said i knew she was somewhat lying, she’s on fb or otherwise i wouldn’t have asked. of course this doesn’t mean that she spends that much time on that site. i accepted that answer and as far as my schedule told her that’s going to change i may be there later as time goes on and then awkwardly walked away.

now knowing that she has a number of social media profiles i could just start following her or add her. on the other hand i believed it was better to ask her before i do. it was definitely a goal to see if she was ever thinking of me in that way. as i started she’s not the finest thing like wine, but she definitely “perfectly imperfect”. i’d definitely open my mouth to be fed by this thick and bubbly young woman.

so you make the call. should i follow up? should i just leave her alone at this point? just let her be now that she’s no longer employed at “fresh foods”?

back to the present

img_0190time to transition back into the modern day what’s been going on since at least august, jack?

well as noted on numerous occasions the department has essentially new mgmt at my “fresh foods” store. our acting manager left at the end of june moving on to be with her significant other and also remaining with company in another state. the reins was handed to a gentlemen she knew from a store she once worked at. i met him once and he seemed ok when he helped out one evening before interviewing and getting the job.

and then let’s move forward say two or three months. he’s been this by the book willing to write people up manager. according to one of the supervisors in the dept they wanted someone who was tougher on us, but then what does that mean. having worked with him as far as buying/receiving he definitely had a plan as far as shrink and what not otherwise he wants an efficient ship.

hell, he got me on occasion with stuff that i consider rather petty such as i failed to clean an area up before leaving or left some items somewhere they didn’t belong or i didn’t take care to insure our items where put up in a freezer. then another bombshell he couldn’t quite give me that position that i was hoping all summer to get. which i can attribute to attendance it became an issue this summer especially to the tweaking of our schedules.

for most of the past summer i had been scheduled to do receiving however on occasion they out of the blue start scheduling me to do basically mid-shifts instead of early mornings. it threw me off one time and bad enough to be late. the worst thing about that is that last tardy keeps me from applying to any other positions for almost 6 mos and thankfully i’m almost halfway there!

another strange moment was even though our dept has an associate buyer, the new boss posted for associate buyer and i figured out that i could be shunted aside. the explanation i was given was that he wanted to hurry up and grab someone before someone at corporate just takes it away from him because he isn’t using it. the plan is he gets another associate buyer, the current associate buyer is doing receiving, and there ya go!

meanwhile, the buyer he had hired during the summer has left because he found a job. what’s going on with that is well the buyer figured that at some point because “fresh foods” is in cutback mode may decide to eliminate buyers and have managers purchase all product instead. even though there is a posting for a new buyer as of late this is something that may or may not affect our particular location at least according to our associate buyer.

of course the whole receiving thing was the idea of our departed acting manager. she had faith i could do it and i was glad to do the receiving although unfortunately i never had the opportunity to do much buying. we had no agreement as to whether or not i was eventually going to be team receiver so i was left in limbo by the time there was a full-on regime change. my thing was i never kept following up on this and the tardies began to mount and this is the universe i’m living in now.

meanwhile recently i found out some gossip which i don’t want to get into trouble for and it involves our dept. to start i asked one of the supervisors about his take on the new regime – while mentioning previous managers and their plans and quirks – he answer that basic question in this way; “they’re working on it”. which could mean a number of things, but it might be in spite of our boss’ tough though somewhat jovial stance through write-ups perhaps he’s still on his own version of probation.

another thing i have heard is that one colleague from a different department who i talk to on occasion noted that he was making a comment about our new boss. the other person presumably themselves a department manager also demurred as far as saying anything about him. who know what that means other than they don’t want to get into trouble as far as saying anything good or bad about them.

i could quickly conclude that my boss’ colleagues probably are unsure about him or don’t trust him. in effect for him remaining in his position if this is true then he may not last very long if he doesn’t have the support of his colleagues throughout he store. hell my colleague even suggested perhaps the thinks he’s good and he may not be. at this point however he certainly passed the 90-day mark and who knows for how long the store leadership may be evaluating him.

other colleagues in this department aren’t happy with the direction of the department stating that it’s taking a turn for the worse. another colleague suggests that our current boss is trying to bend our department to his own will when he should just adjust to it. some just get a vibe where they don’t trust him.

as far as his hires well he’s mostly brought in people from his former store. such as the buyer who recently left his position, he also hired two new supervisors one of them from his store, as far as associate buyer he interviewed someone from his store. the pattern is he goes with people he basically knows and further the whole idea in my mind that most of the people in leadership for our department haven’t been with our store for very long. it sucks but that’s the situation.

btw, i don’t think he’s wrong for going with people he knows. it’s certainly an important thing to do and i could even state that he wants to turn our dept into what he’s used to at his store. this could be a mistake, but again to go with people he knows best is not entirely the huge problem though he may want to put under his wing people who actually know the department and the store.

so after arriving at a great situation at “fresh foods” almost three years earlier i finally hit a rough patch. if i’ve been through some of the lunacy at “the show” i think i can somehow survive this one. one way to survive is to find a sidegig and prepare my resume to move elsewhere full-time. especially back to the theater business though not “the show” because my price has went up.

also i may consider using my receiving experience to at the very least move me up into a supervisory position elsewhere especially a theater. they may need someone who has an idea – even the small idea i do – about ordering & purchasing product and then receiving and storing said product for example. regardless i can take this with me when i decide to move on within “fresh foods” or even outside the company.

bottom line, i’m preliminarily starting an escape plan if i must. and the reason i’m venting is because right now everything at my current job doesn’t appear to be going my way. also if i have a pipe dream one of the dept mgmt moves on and opens the door to someone who knows our dept and store. it may even include one of the former dept. associate managers who moved onto another store for a promotion.

time will tell…

October 2014

i think there have been a few other iterations of this post already. one was likely dated similarly to this one and others represent the period after the last two interviews of the “streak era” and my last two weeks at “the show”. so hopefully I’ll do something different here and if not well soon this storyline will be concluded in the next series of posts. perhaps no later than the middle of this month.

anyway, the situation at the show was beginning to somewhat turn. i gotten written up the previous month for taking too long on my break. i just about got into it with a b*tch of a senior manager who decided to bicker with me. she cut it off quick although she was determined to write me up.

i only refer to her that way because in a light moment in an office counting me down and taking to her colleague she came out with her saying “she can be a b*tch”. more often than not especially if some associate wasn’t meeting her expectation that tense side came out and a few times she directed it towards me. although through some intelligence that behavior came out because she found herself frustrated with her role at “the show” also.

anyway the young people were a bit more defiant especially if i try to tell them something. and at worse i may work with one young person who claims they forgot where their register was. and them expecting me to say something gets all upset when i call them out as lazy and wants to start a fight right there! though in reality the tension began the moment i blew them off – a teenage girl of course – when they decided it’s ok to speak to me. anyway no recovery with me there, that potential relationship is shot and good riddance.

i got two interviews this month and it was with a branch of “gotham bank” that hired me and a theater manager position that didn’t hire me. i feel as if i blew the theater manager gig for the national chain. not to say i was unserious but i did get to think about my frustrations and their knowledge of “the show’s” general manager. he wasn’t someone i really worked with often and i couldn’t describe him as a mentor. though as a manager he tried to be as above it all as possible even if some of his senior managers and supervisors just weren’t.

the gotham bank interview actually took place at a different branch from where i would be assigned. good interview where the branch manager got in on the interview and i wish i had worked with them in the long run. while considering the results this was the job that ultimately got me away from the show.

i turned in my notice to one of the senior managers who was the human resource point. i had already been discussing my job search with him anyway. after putting in my notice he gets a thank you card for giving me some “moral” support. other select mgmt i told as appropriate.

ironically two of the more problematic senior managers – the house manager & the b*tch – were incredibly curious about me leaving. more than i had expected them to be and i was semi-suspicious of them. if it was just cordiality for them, deep inside with me i just wanted to tell them to go to hell! although if anyone just wanted me gone it would’ve been them and i mostly worked the last few days of my notice.

btw, this month i fixed my teeth. funny part is that i got a new job with bad teeth and before starting my teller job i arrived at work with new teeth. also i cancelled that initial dental appointment for that procedure to do this interview. i really wanted to leave “the show”.

incidentally having arrived at the new job didn’t start off very well. i kept having issues with my timeliness and that didn’t look good. as time went on it was one thing to get nit-picked over another. it got to the point where i dreaded going to work and while things were bad at “the show”, i never felt the dread as i began to feel about the bank before i was eventually let go.

meanwhile it was registering more and more with some of the mgmt at the show that my time there was coming to an end. thankfully not because someone wanted me gone, but i said i was leaving. i know there were many who wanted yours truly gone and if not mgmt, but other associates. all they did essentially was allow me to find something better.

also my mother bought a new car and for the last time i drove her old vehicle – which remained at a dealer where she left it – to work and back into our garage. i shared a pic of it to my ig page it was the vehicle that ferried me to work when she allowed me to drive there. this was something i was going to miss for sure. the night time drives back home and on occasion meandering about on the way home.

regardless the “streak era” had ended. a new era away from the theater was about to begin. my mother got a new car. i also got new teeth – a flipper – which some of the coworkers noticed the difference especially when i open my big mouth. 😛

as i said my final good byes to some of the coworkers – and even noted this for some of my former colleagues – there was some apprehension as to my new role. it was less than ideal but again the offer i got was what got me away from “the show”. my situation with my coworkers and my pay wasn’t likely to change so this was the impetus for me to leave and finally. no more questions about whether or not i was “too comfortable” or whether or not i was trying to leave. i put in my notice and said BYE to “the show”.

all the same some people were coming out of the woodworks to wish me luck and shake my hand. others it probably didn’t matter too much to them they may know or perhaps for some odd reason glad i was out the door. regardless i worked my final night at the theater shook hands, got my final soft-drink in a courtesy cup, gathered my belongings, and after almost five years off to new adventures!