back to the present

img_0190time to transition back into the modern day what’s been going on since at least august, jack?

well as noted on numerous occasions the department has essentially new mgmt at my “fresh foods” store. our acting manager left at the end of june moving on to be with her significant other and also remaining with company in another state. the reins was handed to a gentlemen she knew from a store she once worked at. i met him once and he seemed ok when he helped out one evening before interviewing and getting the job.

and then let’s move forward say two or three months. he’s been this by the book willing to write people up manager. according to one of the supervisors in the dept they wanted someone who was tougher on us, but then what does that mean. having worked with him as far as buying/receiving he definitely had a plan as far as shrink and what not otherwise he wants an efficient ship.

hell, he got me on occasion with stuff that i consider rather petty such as i failed to clean an area up before leaving or left some items somewhere they didn’t belong or i didn’t take care to insure our items where put up in a freezer. then another bombshell he couldn’t quite give me that position that i was hoping all summer to get. which i can attribute to attendance it became an issue this summer especially to the tweaking of our schedules.

for most of the past summer i had been scheduled to do receiving however on occasion they out of the blue start scheduling me to do basically mid-shifts instead of early mornings. it threw me off one time and bad enough to be late. the worst thing about that is that last tardy keeps me from applying to any other positions for almost 6 mos and thankfully i’m almost halfway there!

another strange moment was even though our dept has an associate buyer, the new boss posted for associate buyer and i figured out that i could be shunted aside. the explanation i was given was that he wanted to hurry up and grab someone before someone at corporate just takes it away from him because he isn’t using it. the plan is he gets another associate buyer, the current associate buyer is doing receiving, and there ya go!

meanwhile, the buyer he had hired during the summer has left because he found a job. what’s going on with that is well the buyer figured that at some point because “fresh foods” is in cutback mode may decide to eliminate buyers and have managers purchase all product instead. even though there is a posting for a new buyer as of late this is something that may or may not affect our particular location at least according to our associate buyer.

of course the whole receiving thing was the idea of our departed acting manager. she had faith i could do it and i was glad to do the receiving although unfortunately i never had the opportunity to do much buying. we had no agreement as to whether or not i was eventually going to be team receiver so i was left in limbo by the time there was a full-on regime change. my thing was i never kept following up on this and the tardies began to mount and this is the universe i’m living in now.

meanwhile recently i found out some gossip which i don’t want to get into trouble for and it involves our dept. to start i asked one of the supervisors about his take on the new regime – while mentioning previous managers and their plans and quirks – he answer that basic question in this way; “they’re working on it”. which could mean a number of things, but it might be in spite of our boss’ tough though somewhat jovial stance through write-ups perhaps he’s still on his own version of probation.

another thing i have heard is that one colleague from a different department who i talk to on occasion noted that he was making a comment about our new boss. the other person presumably themselves a department manager also demurred as far as saying anything about him. who know what that means other than they don’t want to get into trouble as far as saying anything good or bad about them.

i could quickly conclude that my boss’ colleagues probably are unsure about him or don’t trust him. in effect for him remaining in his position if this is true then he may not last very long if he doesn’t have the support of his colleagues throughout he store. hell my colleague even suggested perhaps the thinks he’s good and he may not be. at this point however he certainly passed the 90-day mark and who knows for how long the store leadership may be evaluating him.

other colleagues in this department aren’t happy with the direction of the department stating that it’s taking a turn for the worse. another colleague suggests that our current boss is trying to bend our department to his own will when he should just adjust to it. some just get a vibe where they don’t trust him.

as far as his hires well he’s mostly brought in people from his former store. such as the buyer who recently left his position, he also hired two new supervisors one of them from his store, as far as associate buyer he interviewed someone from his store. the pattern is he goes with people he basically knows and further the whole idea in my mind that most of the people in leadership for our department haven’t been with our store for very long. it sucks but that’s the situation.

btw, i don’t think he’s wrong for going with people he knows. it’s certainly an important thing to do and i could even state that he wants to turn our dept into what he’s used to at his store. this could be a mistake, but again to go with people he knows best is not entirely the huge problem though he may want to put under his wing people who actually know the department and the store.

so after arriving at a great situation at “fresh foods” almost three years earlier i finally hit a rough patch. if i’ve been through some of the lunacy at “the show” i think i can somehow survive this one. one way to survive is to find a sidegig and prepare my resume to move elsewhere full-time. especially back to the theater business though not “the show” because my price has went up.

also i may consider using my receiving experience to at the very least move me up into a supervisory position elsewhere especially a theater. they may need someone who has an idea – even the small idea i do – about ordering & purchasing product and then receiving and storing said product for example. regardless i can take this with me when i decide to move on within “fresh foods” or even outside the company.

bottom line, i’m preliminarily starting an escape plan if i must. and the reason i’m venting is because right now everything at my current job doesn’t appear to be going my way. also if i have a pipe dream one of the dept mgmt moves on and opens the door to someone who knows our dept and store. it may even include one of the former dept. associate managers who moved onto another store for a promotion.

time will tell…


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